Volume 11, Issue 8, page 11

you. The calm surface indicates good manage- rather than walking around it, but woke up bement and co-ordination of useful ideas in sue- fore reaching it, still worried about the cake
cessful combination. The clear day indicates a in the oven. -- Mrs. M.A.P., Sherwood, Ore.
great deal of clear courage and bright inspi- INTERPRETATION -- The cake represents the
ration. High noon is a time of joy and merri- preparing of spiritual food, yet you are going
ment where the material could overpower the away from it as portrayed by the driving into
spiritual. Your sun shows no indication of town. The time is now since you are in your
this. It does indicate a burning away of the present car. Conversing with your enemy indiold, showing the sign of attainment in mater- cates that unless you are careful you will be
ial happiness and achievements and pleasure in drawn away from the spiritual into the physithe simple spiritual life. The helicopter sig- cal by one who will destroy your good intennifies change in personal consciousness. Since tions. Your purse, here, indicates the Divine
it continued to fly, this means the awakening Substance which you momentarily left behind.
will be on the etheric (spiritual) level. You did retrieve it, and this indicates that
Neither landing nor soaring into the heavens you will return to your set values. The many
indicates a steady and reliable change that people indicate a group gathering (possibly a
neither plunges into despair nor soars in church). The one woman, chummy with your enemy,
ecstasy. The change will reap (catch) a gi- indicates that he/she has help in the form of
gantic reward in both spiritual and material large and strong backing. Walking away from
gain. This gain will be steadfast as indicated them and into the sunshine is a good omen. The
by the fact that it remained fastened to the hilly city indicates the ups and downs you
helicopter. Home and the second-floor window will encounter before obtaining your goal. Not
indicates the overlooking of property from the recognizing your neighbor at first indicates
battlement. It signifies the Lord of the Manor the difference in opinion that you and a close
viewing his riches, his fortune, and his do- friend have. Yet in embracing the neighbor you
minions. The green carpet signifies final com- dislodged her hat. This indicates that you can
pletion and successful undertakings. Green is show a friend a greater way in which to revthe color of nature that triumphs over all erence that which is Holy (not necessarily the
devastation. All in all, your dream indicates neighbor). Her concern and your answer indithat should you contemplate changes on any cates that subconsciously you want to "work"
level, they will be magnificently successful. toward this. There is a double indication of