Volume 11, Issue 8, page 17

ing a lot of people. Some of
California will remain under
water, but likely not all.
"If one will only reason,
it is plain to see that similar earth changes have taken
place 'in the twinkling of an
eye'. We have only to look at
findings of tropical animals
and plants deep frozen in the
north to realize this had to
happen quickly or the animals
and plants would not be in such
perfect states of preservation. Great salt mines in Kansas and other states attest to
the fact that all this land
was once under the sea... Scientists agree the continents
are not fixed land areas, but
rather in a 'fluid state' actually -- maybe more like floating islands -- that the earth's
crust flows to some extent.
"I think I read somewhere
that the Salton Sea in California has been rising quite a
lot the last few years. The
coast of California has dropped off in places, and receded
and also this has been happening in the East. I believe it
was as much as 8 inches in some
places in the last few years.
Another thing that bothers
California is the change of
climate here -- from a sunny,
warm climate that prevailed 50
years or less ago, to the real
snappy winters we have now...
Now, everyone has a stove, fireplace, or some way to heat his
home. In the midwest, however,
it seems to be getting warmer."
-- Rosalind John, Norco, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- We didn't deny
there have been changes in the
earth's surface -- and will be
more. We just object to persons who call themselves seers,
dream up and date some disasters, and use these to scare a
living out of the gullible. As
if they could do anything about
it even if they were right.)
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