The Aberree - The Non-Serious Voice of Scientology

The Aberree was a 'zine, or newletter, published from 1954 through 1965. The editor, Alphia Hart, and the publisher, Agnes Hart, put out ten issues a year.

The Aberree started out as "the non-serious voice of Scientology" and ultimately encompassed all kinds of spiritual and self-help interests, from psychic phenomena and UFOs to improving eyesight.

The Aberree shows that convention and uniformity weren't the whole story of the 50s, by a long shot. It also shows that Scientology, which has grown famous for its attempts to silence dissent and criticism, was trying to squelch debate 50 years ago ... with similarly ineffective tactics.

Since the Harts chose not to copyright their work, is able to bring you all 11 years. Currently, only Volume 1 (issues 1-10) has been formatted and proofread. However, you can still read the later issues, if you don't mind the errors and lack of formatting.

Enjoy your visit back to the Aberree's 50-year-old time warp ... and remember - don't take it all so damn' seriously!

Where to Start?

Why not start at the beginning? The very first edition - Volume 1, Issue 1 - introduces you to The Aberree's beginnings, the turmoil of the times as Dianetics became Scientology, and the whole cast of characters. If it's the characters you care about, start with pages about Alphia Hart, Volney Mathison, or Don Purcell.