Volume 11, Issue 8, page 9

Past Isn't "Dead and Gone",
but Is Part of Our Present
Many Bodies -- but One Lifetime
(Copyrighted notes from book, "Bridge to a New
Science", in preparation)

HERE SEEMS to be a peculiar belief
local to this time and place, that
we are nothing but a body. This
lie, born of black control adulteration to the Christian religion,
has conduced a social agreement in those
areas wherein the populace has become material geniuses and spiritual idiots. We
are possessed of intricate, definite, and
extensive information regarding things
material, but know far less about our true
beingness than many witch doctors squatting in the jungle.

According to our deplorable mores, anything
even relating to specific knowledge of that
which cannot bump you, bite you, blow you into
small pieces -- make you its effect -- is taboo --
and far worse than that, it is considered far
out. Heaven forbid! -- and heaven does. Its proponents beleaguer you-all and me-all with the
dictum: "We know all; yes, great and perfect
we are the sole custodians of the sacred pipeline. Wicked thou; do not look for yourself,
do not know for yourself. Trust and obey, for
there is no other way."
But it's not as bad as it used to be. The
man watching his television screen knows he
cannot see the waves which give life to the
screen. His past belief that if it isn't solid,
it's a potential threat, is being rapidly dissipated. Yes, bogey-men have come in many shades,
sizes, and descriptions. Man has been afraid
of the dark, because that has been about all he
could find surrounding him. And he knows there
is something in it -- and this is the level of
7 "mystery". All understanding about what is
there comes from the lips of the representative of a large organization, which seeks to
own his soul. "Yes," they say, "what we tell
you is truth. What you look at -- and observe --
is hallucination. Repent, Wicked Soul, confess
your sins, run overt acts, DO AS I SAY!" Want
to see someone go into the screaming heebies?
Just ask them if they trust themselves -- so, go
on -- scream -- louder !
So sorry. I should have taken it by gradients. You see, it is not just the men of the
black cloth who way, "Man is basically good --
but you are ba-a-d; you are wro-o-n-ng." All
black representatives of the physical do this,
W in one way or another.

But, you know, they are right. We are both
04 that which is basically good, and that which
L14 is ba-a-d and wro-o-ng. This, however, is more
W than just a simple dichotomy. The two which
fxl are so different are not all of the same nature.
cc Just as every religion I know of says, in
one way or another, we are of God, immortal,
and as such, basically good. To me, there is
no higher truth now available. But just hcw
available is this truth? Mostly, at just the
concept level, in verity -- or as one side of
the good/bad dichotomy, which is not what I
mean at all.

Remember the Bible states that Adam and Eve
9 ate of the tree of -- not evil, but of the tree
of GOOD AND evil. So, to further differentiate,
man is not just good, he is ethical. By "ethical", I mean above moral considerations of
good/evil. It is ourselves prior to the Garden
of Eden. Good/ evil is just an agreement, a
consideration, an opinion ABOUT something.
Ethics is a state of beingness of our true,
higher selves -- a spark of the divine -- all that
ever was or will be -- the Supreme Creator.

So it is with all Life. We ARE -- at the same
time -- a part of, a differentiation of the ALL;
and we consider ourselves -- for purposes of a
game -- in a temporary role or valence in the
physical universe.

These artificial pretenses or roles are of
long to very short duration. Such as: irate
pedestrian, shopper, college student, Kiwanian,
parent, or the full bodytime role of John
Jones, WHOA! Don't you know that to look at
any role you played beyond this bodytime role
is dangerous -- too terrible to look at!?
Did you ever notice how, in this bodytime,
the recall of bad things imposes them on you
unbidden? A bad memory, an occlusion, all
evidence indicates, is simply the unintentional blocking off of all memory in order to keep
something too terrible to look at from moving
in, and whomping the heck out of you.

It is the same for bodytimes prior to this,
only more so. Instead of 22's or 38's, these
are of cannon calibre. And in some phase or
other, you get the feeling that if you look at
them, you will die. Well, I have been looking
at the various persons I have been in the past
several thousand years. Know what? I didn't
die -- and I can prove it!
As an auditor, I have also run "past lives"
on many others, over the past 12 years. It so
happens that most of those I audited are of a
group of Thetans (roughly, not accurately,
"souls") to which I belong, and have run many
incidents which were common to them. I once
audited two women and a man, in the same town
simultaneously. The women had recently met -- and
despised each other on sight. I ran the same
incidents time after time -- most of them involving all three of them. The "Toleo" incidents are common to a large number of people
whom I have audited.
"But, all that I am interested in i s handling my present life better," you may say. "I
have no interest in what is dead and gone."
Right! If it were dead and gone and had no effect on one in present bodytime, what happened
in past bodies would be of only casual interest, or would be only interesting research. In
Scientology, great care is taken to not push
one beyond their depths of understanding, confrontation. But, every major inhibition, compulsion which results in an over-reaction, debility in present bodytime, is resultant of
that which has happened prior to this bodytime.
Yes, we have no interest in what is dead and
gone, but these bogey-men are not dead and
gone. It does a scant amount of good to push
then into the subconscious -- but they are still
there gnawing at us, or whacking at us when