Volume 11, Issue 8, page 10

something of a similar nature occurs in press
ent time. When a person is ready to look at
prior bodytimes, he will do so, without the
auditor's specifically directing him to do so.
This will spontaneously occur when present
bodytime has been sufficiently keyed out, no
longer jealously binds attention. In present
Scientology practice, the phrase, "In this
lifetime", meaning "in this bodytime" is used,
to prevent a person from going on to "past
track" too soon. This can be overdone, but is,
mainly, a good idea.

This writing does not purpose anything beyond the broaching of a possibility that if
you are an immortal spirit, you might have had
experiences prior to the existence of your
present body. I evince that I have reality
that this is true, that everyone I know of who
has looked, has found reality on previous existences, and that all of this has been utterly

O,K., so I say this. But what does this mean
to you? I hope it is no more than that you accept this as information -- not fact. If anyone
accepts what I say as true, just because they
"have faith in me", or some such silly reason,
expect me to nod politely and walk away. This
can be true for you only if you experience it.
My purpose is not to change you, or to move you
in any way, but merely to direct your attention into subject areas, and mention what I
found there -- along with many others. I was so
directed by L. Ron Hubbard's early teachings,
and more recently by Percival, Russell, Alice
Bailey, etc.

I have received much Scientology auditing,
and it has been good. But it can but serve as
a catalyst. You have to do it. I feel that
whatever gains I have made have been the result of what I did. But this would not have
been possible without the catalyst.

If you say, "I am just a this lifetime
identity. I never existed before this bodytime," that is all you will be. For any understanding beyond this, it will be necessary to
depend on data furnished by some other determinism.. If you get a subjective reality on just
the fact that you really are an immortal spirit, you do not have to take anybody else's imposition upon you as to what is true. You can
look and see for yourself.

Understand, this is all gradient. "Heaven is
not gained in a single bound -- -" and it is a
ladder, and you have to climb. But the first
thing is to point your nose in that direction.

Venus, Mars, or whatever, would we land prepared to exchange knowledge with whatever inhabitants we might find there? Or would we take
our politicians and our priests with us and
attempt to destroy their culture with the
levels of thinking that have proven so disastrous to our home planet? Would we insist that
they accept our God, our Christ, our Buddha --
even tho they might have a religion and philosophy much superior to the hate-filled monstrosity that dominates our spiritual existence?
IT I S ONLY now -- after the Indian has almost
lost identity and been swallowed up by his
cross-bearing conquerers -- that we are beginning
to realize that the native American -- far from
being the "savage" those who wanted to drive
him from his land had branded him, had a much
more acceptable "religion" than his conquerors.
His "Great Spirit" was not the jealous, murderous "Judge" fostered by the White missionaries who came with gun and firebrand to drive
him from his simple shrines and erect in their
places huge, bell-topped stockades, monastic

(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Rt.
4, Box 82, Tampa, Fla., 33615, if you wish an interpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dreams will be published in this
column as space permits only if permission has been
DREAM -- I saw very clearly many, many white
ants hurrying around on the ground, then there
appeared in large, clear white letters the word
DEATH. On awaking the next morning, I could
still see this in my mind but it meant nothing
to me. During work that day I went over and
sat on the ground. As I looked down there were
large white ants hurrying to and fro just as in
my dream. Later I checked, and there were only
large black ants where the white ants had been.
The white ones were gone. -17.T., Adirondack,

N. Y.

INTERPRETATION -- Ants represent diligence
and wisdom. Being white they represent that
which is on the spiritual level. Spelling the
word for you indicates that thru "letting"
diligence die, you are losing wisdom in some
phase of your spiritual work. You were watching the ants, which refers you to the Bible
quotation of, Consider the ants, 0 thou
sluggard etc. You got a double shocker. God had
to spell it out for you by showing you the
ants with your physical eyes. There is something you are supposed to be doing for God
which you have failed to do. You already know
what it is and you'd better get with it. T h i s
dream indicates you have turned your back on
God's work. You said, "good or bad", and there

it is.