Volume 11, Issue 8, page 4

by decree. $300,000 was named as the price
paid. None of us knew anything about any bribe
and finally concluded that if the bribe had
e/le actually been paid, Howard Scott must have accepted it, for in one master stroke, he wrecked
Technocracy, Inc., as an effective membership
organization. -- EQUALITARIAN-ANALYST.

Gems Scissored from Our
Mail for ABERREE Readers
´i AM ONE of the Etherians and will say there
is a prophecy hidden in the Cheops pyramid
telling of our coming, this will soon be unearthed and many will know of it. There are
many scrolls there pertaining to the various
sciences. These things are given to the world
by the great Arcturus, which was the star of
"The planet Earth will soon ascend into
higher rates of vibration, and therein is a
sifting for those who are earth-bound, be they
Etherians or Earthians; for it is the Cosmic
sifting force that separates the sheep from
the goats, as is spoken in the scriptures.
"Millions of earth-bound people will be removed from the Earth to find their place in
another world -- another planet of a lower rate
of vibration than the Earth. Those who abide
in the Light will stay on the Earth and be
lifted into higher frequency as the Earth accelerates its speed and thus makes ready for
the occupation by the millions who are worthy
to come and live in this new and glorified
Earth.. * . The Sphinx delivers a New Age
message which says 'It does not matter what
you do or what you accomplish for it is the
Motive -- the heart yearn -- which is the true
purpose that enters into the accomplishments
of the NEW era, for that alone avails you.
"Yes, many Etherians walk the Earth now, to
explore and to renovate thru the various sciences. There are workers on Earth now who understand these visitations and who listen to
the messages from on high. Be among these. My
name is ARCTU, and I will come again." -- Mrs.

Jessie F. Lytle, St. Petersburg, Fla.
LUTHER, himself, is a good example of the
calibre of the religious mind. His education was in Roman Catholic schools. When he
broke with the R. C. Church it was because of
the corruption at Rome, not because he rejected
the theology of the Pope. O r the myths and
fables of Christianity. How much "mind " did he
have? Well, his own story of throwing an inkwell at the devil who was pestering him would
indicate its level. And his present-day followers who believe this and other stories have
not risen any higher, despite the vast accumulation of scientific knowledge available now.

I N THE days when the organization of Technocracy, Inc., was at its best.., over 100 of
the top and most efficient, functionally, who
had built Technocracy, Inc., held a series of
conferences in an attempt to establish ways
and means of expanding the organization with
greater rapidity. The plans were perfected and
submitted to our Director in Chief, Howard
Scott. At first he seemed pleased but that was
only an act to disguise what he had in mind.
Evidently he thought that his dictatorial authority was in jeopardy. While our committee
waited for his Order to proceed, he got busy
and issued a release mailed to every member of
the organization to the effect that a Catholic
priest had succeeded in bribing approximately
100 top personnel of Technocracy, Inc., to
wreck it. This hundred or more were dismissed
EDGAR CAYCE once had an unusual dream, a dream
of an Egyptian mummy that came to life and
showed him how to prepare a special food that
it required. As he often did after having
dreams that seemed to have a possible importance, he had a reading for himself, asking
his trance-state unconscious mind to explain
the meaning of the dream. He was told that this
dream was telling him about a spirituallycleansing food which had been used by ancient
Masters, a food which would be beneficial to
any spiritual seeker...

Recipe for Mummy Food: To one cup of black
figs add one cup of dates, and mix them up. Add
one-half cup of coarsely-ground yellow corn
meal and three cups of water. Gook in double
boiler or "waterless cooker" until well done.
Pinch of salt if desired. Serve with milk or
THERE ARE no plans for any further BSRA meetings at Harmony Grove this year. Nothing
has been decided for 1965 either as there has
been a conservative reaction to our progressive program by the older members of the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. I n view
of this it might be well for us to change our
program to fit the changing times and travel
more in 1965. We have standing invitations
from several parts of the country to meet with
associates and fellow borderlanders who find it
inconvenient or impossible to come to Southern
IN MY childhood our family sometimes hired a
colored woman as baby sitter, and the stories she told may have dated back to ancient
traditions. I recall one story of how a cellar,
just like the one under our house (which I
stopped using as a place to play after hearing
the yarn) contained "right smart hants ". The
owner of the cellar desired to capture a few
of them to use as helpers. To do this she put
some licorice into very thick and sticky syrup
and set a platter of it on the cellar floor.
The "hants", who were attracted by this bait,
came at night and put their lips to the sticky
mess, loving licorice above all things, and,
as their bodies were made of such thin and
fragile stuff, they dared not pull hard enough
to unstick their lips for fear of tearing them
from their heads. So, in the morning there
they were! Still stuck fast, and they made a
bargain to come each day when called to help
the lady with her housework, especially doing
the dishes and sweeping. She then brought warm
water and unstuck their lips and all was well, W
that is, except that they broke too *any
dishes and wore out brooms too fast with their 04
energetic sweeping, so in time they were released and allowed to go free. Any of you have a
a cellar with Hants? And who can supply the W
licorice? I have some syrup. Recently, I have CO
paused from time to time in the lower garden cc
to see if I could sense the possible presence
of one of the Little People, but so far I have o
sensed nothing. Wen I have time I plan to take
my pendulum and spend a little time asking my
low self to look around in places where a member of the Little People tribes might be lurking, and then report by the yes-or-no swings
what has been found... if anything. -- Max Freedom Long in HUNA VISTAS.