Volume 11, Issue 8, page 2

What would you do should
three "flying saucers " appear
in the heavens while you were
taking the dog out f o r its
evening constitutional? Veronica Sydow says that b n
tars happened to her at their
home near Esperance, N.Y., she
watched the U.F.O.s pass over,
and circle. Just for the devilment, or to test her thinking power -- she didn't say
which -- she tried sending her
thoughts U. F. O. ward as they
disappeared. An d would you
guess it! When those capering
bits of heavenly flotsam headed back in her direction, she
raced inside and closed the
door -- "plumb scairt", she reports. For us who never have
such an experience, it's easy
to imagine a braver course for
ourselves -- but we've seen some
mighty strong grown-up men run
when they thought they 'd heard
a ghost. And everyone knows
there "ain't no such thing" as
ghosts -- just as almost everyone
knows there are no such things
as flying saucers , except to
the f e w hundred persons who
want to write books about 'em.
1 Since the man who was going to "bury us" lost his job
as chief grave-digger within a
week after The ABERREE hit the
mails with a forecast he was
about to join Russia's series
of "Ex-inskis", we're getting
a bit of extra attention from
readers who can recognize a bit
of successful seeing when they
see it. Some of those paying
homage to the accuracy of Burt
and Ruby Essex ( "The Cross in
the Heaves') were John and
Bonnie Jones of Cushing, Okla. ,
who prevailed upon son Jon to
road-test the "hot rod" he was
promoting to active status by
driving to Enid the first available Sunday. As it also was
subscription renewable time
and we were far behind on our
chit- chat, the "Cross in the
Heavens" wasn't the sole excuse for the trip. While they
were here, we "guinea pigged"
them on Edgar Cayce's "mummyfood" (described elsewhere in
this issue), but it didn't get
much of a hand, so Cayce-fans
tempted to try it are cautioned not to make too large a
batch until they've given it a
severe taste-test, as your palate may have undergone some adjustments since the days when
undertakers wrapped our bodies
up in yards and yards of spiced
surgical dressing. Anyhow, we
question the authenticity of
the "corn meal" part of the
recipe, as we thought corn didn't become a popular food until after the discovery of the
Americas -- centuries after the
art of mummy-making had lost
caste as a business over which
the A.M.A. (Ancient Mummy Artisans) held complete control.

II The article on color and
sound on Page 13 by Dorothy
Springfield is being published
posthumously. Dorothy sent it
to us before her fatal illness,
and we kept it in a drawer too
long. Widower John, of Canoga
Park, Calif., gave us permission to publish it even at this
late date, and we figure our
experimenting family will find
something in it of value. So,
thank you, Dorothy, wherever
you may be...
j After reading Mrs. Bob
(Monica) R.vder's answeFTo t1
letter by Jack Felts, we were
willing to accept this as evidence that she was no applicant for a job on the Mexico
Chamber of Commerce -- but she
clinched her argument with a
postscript we're going to share
with our readers -- effective almost immediately, Monica has a
new address in Reseda, Calif .
Bob will remain in Mexico to
complete his medical studies,
with only an occasional visit
from his wife -- who wants none
of this pioneering "south of
the border". After Mexico has
learned to plumb its buildings
and rid its churches of their
un-christian friars, Mrs. Ryder
may be ready for a return engagement -- if she lives that
long, she says...

Work on a new book, plus
some difficulty with his eyes,
have caused Max Freedom Long
of Vista, Calms, to suspend
publication of HUNA VISTAS for
a few months. However, he has
high hopes that some Huna-type
prayers, new glasses, and reduction of the amount of eye
strain will bring relief, and
if these don't work, maybe his
fellow townsman, Rile' Crabby
can help thru sharing in his
experiments with the Lakhovsky
Multi-Wave Oscillator and a
gadget made of magnets and a
hard-carbon rod, called Vitic.

Least that Max can say for the
Lakhovsky set-up is that it
drives out "eating companions"
-- which he thinks is an accomplishment worth cheering
about, in its own right...