Volume 6, Issue 8, page 10

high degree of expression. He knew that HE
alone could do nothing; that it would take the
co-operative efforts of many. So this young
teacher started out to teach the slaves and
the poor people dwelling in the country around
the Sea of Galilee. These people had very little interest in life; their lots were miserable and hopeless, and a speaker expounding a
new avenue of liberty was welcomed with open

Chapter XII Boasting praises and exaggerated claims for
HO WE must hold a state of total disregard His greatness did more harm than good. Qualms
for the many, many unfruitful efforts of of fear began to upset the placid lives of the
man, beginning as it were with a know- Pharisee overlords.
nothing, child-like state, we must thoroly It was a very easy matter to get even a
realize that we are not stepping down but mild disturber crucified and this was the
Tare stepping up to a system infinitely su- method used against enemies of the church. But
perior and supremely more scientific. In Jesus, the Christ, was an upright citizen and
starting, of course, the beginner will be a very likable person, so, evidently, it took
blank in intelligence regarding this higher more effort to get Him crucified than in the
law, and if he passes judgment while in this ordinary case. Money was spent freely and peblank state, he will naturally favor that titions circulated in order to arouse the
which is already familiar to him in preference proper amount of adverse sentiment. (See "The
to that which is unknown. Story of Mankind," by Hendrik Van Loon, Pages
Tho Edison and others discovered unknown 119 to 123. Also, "My Neighbor, Jesus", by Dr.
laws by using the Mosaic system, they did not Lamsa.) This explanation is more or less based
apply the use of it to the field of life ex- on a historical possibility, but, much has
pression as did Christ and the other ancient been done to distort a teaching to fit a beexponents. Even tho the ancient expounders lief system. It is very questionable that any
knew of the Mosaic system and taught it, this teacher, with this sort of REAL knowledge,
law has never been developed up to the degree would see anything to be gained by getting
where it was applicable to the higher field. himself killed, and, having such knowledge,
The Egyptian system has been worked upon for could avoid such a possibility very easily.
thousands of years, but the Mosaic never Some day, if we advance in this very teaching,
the true record will be clearly revealed. This
may be most surprising.

Regardless of how, the efforts of the
greatest exponent of the Mosaic system failed.

The supernatural, or the Divine, will become natural when understood. Far more can be
accomplished today than in the past, if man
will just be sensibly practical. We know the
method that was used and we have much scientific proof that was not produced then. We
also have the means of contacting thousands
without the narrow and dangerous restrictions
of the dark past. There is no reason why the
intelligent people of today cannot step forward with the progressiveness they have displayed in things of lesser moment and accomplish the greatest of all achievements.

Someone asks -- Could you give a scientific
explanation of how the Mosaic system works?
The mind and body are closely relative. Energy of a certain magnetic nature flows from
the body due to the mind being open to attractions on the outside. The psychologist will
tell you that thought is energy and can be directed by the will. The eye even loses magnetism and the gaze has been tested to the point
of charging a very small magnet.

When we shut off this outward flow by refusing to think of anything except a powerful
law within ourselves, this energy within us
rises in volume. Try it vigorously for awhile
and see how the mind tries to escape out into
other interests and how the nerves become
tensed with energy.

When this energy is up to a highly retained
peak, it is relative to and harmonious with a
far higher regenerative energy (Christ Law
energy). Repeated practice of raising up the
energy within the body feeds these cells, or,
in other words, polarizes the body with the
static regenerative action. When these cells
are developed to an expressive state, understanding of the high law comes thru and this
in turn demands a relative true vision of the
action of the lower vibratory mind law. (END)
7L ogle
Christ 4 cathi
emerged from its swaddling clothes. The nearest it ever came to getting a foothold was in
the time of Christ.

The intentions of Paul of Tarsus were no
doubt sincere according to his state, but he
had not been taught by Jesus and consequently
did not know the basic principles of the Mosaic law. Paul fell into the old Egyptian law
trap of recognizing an outside God and building up a faith therein, whereas Moses and
Christ taught the inner law, or Father recognition, with its supporting allegorical symbology.

Other flarings of the Mosaic system are
recorded on the pages of history. Confucius,
Mahomet , Lao-Tze, and others developed comparative states of understanding thru the
higher method of mind application. All of these
men were peculiar, deriving their knowledge
from a system at variance with the recognized
modes of men. Comparing the words of these
ancient wise men, a startling similarity is
seen. This similarity has been the cause of
the more recent teachers being accused of
gaining their knowledge from their predecessors, regardless of the improbability.

It has been noticed that occupations of
characteristics tending to excite strong introspective thought were associated with all
these great men . Sheep herding, desert isolation, reclusive habits tend to shut off the
mental recognition of outside things and lead
man to a more vital recognition of his own
inherent mystery. Of course, very few men had
this natural inclination for deep thought and
pondering, but where circumstances, occupation
and character happened to furnish the right
setting, we find the productions of the Mosaic
system according to the particular degree of
expression reached.

Standing out far in advance of all ancient
Mosaic scholars, Jesus, the Christ, seemed to
have a much more vivid vision of its requisites and demands. He seemed to see more clearly its great possibilities when developed to a