Volume 11, Issue 8, page 13

MUCH CAN be learned thru the intelligent
use of incense, perfume, color, and
4 sound. Experimenting first on myself,
using incense and a perfume that blended
with the incense -- and certain vowel sounds -- it
was found to set up vibrations that coursed
thru the entire system. If the vowel sounds
continued for any length of time, a buzzing
was noted to start at the crown of the head
and shot down to the base of the spine -- a not
unpleasant sensation. It was noted that a distinct warmth was felt thru the entire body.

The vowel sound "oom" is very generally
known. Using the perfume violet, which has an
oil base, as it is to be used on hot charcoal ,
and an incense with a lavender base, I put my
attention on a certain gland in the middle of
the forehead. This set up a vibration of a
high quality, which was felt thru the entire
room, reacting again on the body and the mind,
you might say, resulting in a spiritual uplift. It is impossible to get the true violet,
as the flower violet is ruined when being
z pressed for its oils. So a synthetic violet as
close to the true as possible should be used.

Using the same perfume, incense, and vowel
sound "oom" -- and while looking at a true violet color but intoning the vowel sound mentally
rather than orally, I got a high spiritual uplift, but at no time was there a sensation of
not having my feet firmly on the ground. (Those
having a deep religious complex should not try
this experiment.)
There are some incenses and perfumes that
do work on the pineal. This more often than
not comes about by the irritation they set up
on the mucous membranes both in the throat and
nose. If the effect is unpleasant, it was found
to be beneficial to stop, as it then appears
to be working on the lower centers. (In all
honesty, it must be stated that it depends
on the mental makeup of the person as to what
kind of reaction they will get. This was confirmed when the experiments were tried by various members of a study group.)
There is one certain aromatic incense that
will work on the pineal gland when used in combination with the color midnight blue. It is
doubtful if anyone other than those who have
had occult training would get the real benefit
of this. It is also doubtful if this incense
can be bought. The closest that comes to it is
an incense that is a mixture of spices either
to be burned on hot charcoal or in stick form.

Getting together a group of 12 persons,
the above was tried out. Incense used was a
combination of cloves, nutmeg, mace, and allspice. We used the oil of cloves. We intoned
E" minor, which had a curious effect when used
with the color red, but with the violet color,
the effect on the pineal thru the pituitary was
excellent. The thoughts of others could be
sensed. The color red in this combination did
not seem to work out too well on some.

The perfume patchouli, with a blue color,
the note of "E" minor, an incense of rose or
rose with a lavender base, seemed to awaken
thoughts of a high caliber and the feelings of
all were quite friendly. When pure benzoin is
burned on hot charcoal, this will purify the
room and has the power of dispelling vibrations which are unwelcome -- especially so when
used with rose perfume and incense.

It was found that the perfume jasmine, with
an incense of the same, and the sound of G, C,
and E, softly intoned -- and the color blue --
seemed to bring a surge of new ideas to mind.

Lilac perfume, sandalwood incense, violet
color, and the vowel sounds OD-AHHH-EEEE produced a quickening vibration in the body that
is quite pleasant. It also has a beneficial
effect on the mind. Some, after trying it,
said it freed them of worrisome thoughts.

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