Volume 11, Issue 8, page 19

been done at Harmony Grove,
"I would like to know WHY
you folks are so tied to Enid,
Okla. Is it climate? A gold
mine? A still where you brew a
briar patch concoction, and/
or... ?" -- P.B.C.B.(Paul Burner), West Los Angeles, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- We could give a
thousand reasons why we like
to live in Enid -- but it all
boils down to two words: We're
Here. As for a 'program' for
folk interested in metaphysics
there's one good reason why it
isn't being formed -- if we're
eeriest metaphysicians, we're
too damn' individualistic to
be herded into a program of
any kind -- and that's why we're
not members of some of the orthodox programs, now in existence, which seek to enslave us.
In other words, we're all too
"overboard" In some phase or
other for everyone else.)
"I THINK you are going the
right way with Louis and
the astrologers and therapy articles. Where else can you find
out these different things,
except in The ABERREE. From
every source I have been able
to check I have found out that
anti-gravity, or non-mechanical lifting of heavy objects
(however you want to say it),
was perfected in 1958. You
know how this works. You bring
up a classified subject a n d
if they all start looking out
the window and someone starts
talking on a completely unrelated subject you have hit pay
dirt. With the question of,
'How are we doing on antigravity?', we hit the motherlode. With all the talent you
have available you ought to be