Volume 11, Issue 8, page 12

Crucifixion Fable Holds
Doctrine of Future Life
HE DOCTRINE of the Future Life was concealed by the Ancient Masters in their
remarkable fable of a crucified God and
his resurrection. When man stands erect,
with feet together and arms extended, his body
forms a cross on which man hangs for evil
purposes. We use the body to satisfy our lusts
for sensation, greed, hate, jealousy, etc. That
was the crucifixion of the God.

Then there follows the process of death,
which releases the God from his earthy prison
and he returns to his eternal home in the astral world. That is the resurrection of the God.

That is the gospel which Paul preached. For
he said that he presented a gospel which had
been preached (for ages) "to every creature
which is under heaven, whereof I Paul am made
a minister" (Colossians 1:23).

Then the Mother Church grew rich and powerful by deceiving the people with a factualized
account of the great fable of the ancient
world, which symbolized the mysterious process
of the birth and death of man.

Even unto this day the puzzling mystery
which the greatest scientists cannot analyze,
is the awesome process of the creation of man
and his strange exit from the visible world.
They are not able to describe man's constitution nor to identify the animative elements of
the body.

Science cannot explain what man is. For
that knowledge we must go back to the Ancient
Masters. Thb best data the world now has on
that point appears in the 15th chapter of
Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians.

Maybe if we had his original statements,
they would tell us much more. Knowing how freely the biblical makers filled the Bible with
half-truths, and how grossly they twisted the
ancient scriptures to distort all data that
might solve the mystery of Creation, it is
surprising that they recorded as well as they
did the data Paul gave the world in that remarkable chapter of his Epistle.

HERE IS evidence that water has healing properties, but recently, while
in prayer, we were shown that the
virtue lay not in the water but in
God. By prayer, water can be charged with
spiritual and healing energy, and at the
moment of contact with a person (i. e.,
when they drink it or bathe in it), it
becomes a physical instrument for manifesting God's healing power.

We offer this information to others who
need relief for their spirit, body, soul.

Early in the morning, fill a jug or
other container with water, and while
holding it in your hands, ask the blessing
of your Creator and His Spirit Healers to
the water within the container. "Creator
of my spirit. and body, let me use this
water to be healed. I ask it. Help mine
unbelief in this matter. Amen."
You will not have to go to Lourdes or
any other healing water away from home,
since the water for which you have asked
the blessing is as powerful as your faith,
which is also true of such "miracle spas"
for which so much is claimed. Your God is
of the living, not a God of the dead.

Man cannot manufacture water, but he
can ask God, who is part of himself, to
bless the water and give it potency. A s
you act with faith, you start a chain reaction of spirit into material water.

We heal the spirit first; then follows
healing into all cells of the body. Admonition: Please look into your living modes
and change your mode of living to one of
the kind you'd want God to see you living.
Know that your negative as well as positive actions are being recorded. This
alone may help in your healing.

Some say that thoughts are things, and
come home to roost. Pray for healing for
some of your friends, too.
Ernest and I were exploring the old farm -
house -- a"soddie" built in the early days of
the Cherokee Strip, and Ernest dared me to 1'
"stay alI night''.
"You know I can't", I protested. "But it's W
not because I'm afraid. There ain't no such