Volume 11, Issue 8, page 8

ing forth of a veritable volcano of strikes,
riots, and unrest. Since it is the 5th house
that contains this conjunction, our students
are sure to be affected, and our school system
may be seriously disrupted and changes made
necessary. Saturn too is throwing his malefic
force into the picture from his opposing place
in Pisces, significant of the racial disturbance. Many ideas and age-old customs seem
surely slated for an overhaul.

This explosive conjunction is a thoroly disastrous combination and presages murders, rebellious uprisings, political assassinations,
great fires, crime, and accidents. Mars is bad
enough, but when coupled with Pluto and Uranus
the results are usually far - reaching and
devastating. Oddly, the opposition of malefic
Saturn to all this seems to be the sole chance
of confining and restricting these destructive
forces. Since this conjunction finds itself in
the 3rd house of the Mars Cycle chart, it also
involves transportation or its means, but more
than that even, it gives more than a faint
hint of a police state involving military dictatorship. This does not mean all these things
are coming about during December, but definitely appear in the making.

About mid-month, military action of some
kind may be necessary to quell disturbances or
riots caused by either strikes or the racial
pot boiling over.

Just before Christmas, we may see some
drastic change in the money market when Uranus
goes retrograde and sextile Neptune in the 5th
house of speculation, and some corporation or
trust or enterprise involving great numbers of
people may either come into being, or if already existing, be investigated from a tax

Some action pertaining to Cuba, and favorable to us seems likely to be instituted, also
something further to safeguard our national
finances seems in the picture. Mars sextile
Neptune will probably institute some military
action specifically involving warships. This
may be quite important, since Mars indicates
war-like gestures and Neptune involves ships.
I do not, however, mean by this we shall be in

All in all, for the month we have what appears to be a very discontented populace, an
uncertain money market, internal disturbances,
and a very busy government. Fortunately, Venus
was ruler of the rising sign of the ingress
chart and altho debilitated, we may assume
from that that all these things will be in
eventual betterment for us.

In any case, Christmas is upon us to focus
o u r attention on the good-will we owe our
neighbors, friends, and immediate families, so
as we are told, "Don't worry, be happy!" and
have a Merry Christmas!