Volume 11, Issue 8, page 7

voyant pageantry which is never re-run."
A priest in Montreal, a cherubic, genial
sort, seeing the ghostly form of a long dead
Catholic leader in the dark of night. The
'ghost', in his lifetime a member of what is
called 'The Sulpicians' up there, o r 'the
Gentlemen from the Academy', telling the young
priest what is going to happen where and when,
making him an authentic prophet -- so much so
that he tells me it frightens him. "I saw the
assassination of your President Kennedy the
night before it happened, in complete detail,"
he tells me. "It was projected by the Sulpician for me, as tho a movie, as I lay in bed
before going to sleep. I saw everything that
has been reported, and much that has not. Everything -- the exact number of bullets, the anatomical details of the bullets entering the
body -- everything was told and shown me by the
Sulpician. "
yOU HAVE read his novels, and they are pretty
good. He has made the "best seller" lists,
and is well-established in a California ranch
house. His story is different, and it is one
that he prefers not to write himself. H i s
book-people do things with and to each other,
and the places are his versions of real places
on earth.
"The joker is this," he tells me. "After I
have written a book about people I have invented doing things that I have imagined, I'll
be damned if in my own life I don't run across
people -- having the same names I invented -- doing the same things I imagined in my book.
This can't be a coincidence at all. Everything
I write comes to actual life after I have written it. And this can get pretty weird sometimes. For example, my fantasy about the
wealthy man who wanted two wives, and set up
this sort of thing on the California coast,
and lived polygamously for years before being
caught by the Watch and Ward. In my book, I
let him out by having him jump off a cliff just
before the Watch and Ward raided him. So, what
happens? The book is in print, it begins to
sell, and I learn about a fellow on the beach
who is doing just what I have written as a
novel, everything up to jumping off the cliff.
I then predicted that this man would jump off
the cliff, just as I had written in my novel,
a and he did. Which brings up the question: where
do I pick up such ideas in the first place?
W bureaucratic world, and as soon as something
alien to the bureaucratic mentality is mentioned, you are likely to have some of the UnC4 limited Funds allotted to investigative agencies used against you, and thus you will be
pq paying someone to pester and hound you. The
bureaucratic mentality includes the dogma of
the AMA and the dogma of all the official Washington bureaucracies, as well as the tight
little world in which the orthodox of all sects
- and persuasions live.

However, there are worlds within worlds,
layers and strata of perception, and things
beyond things. They come in such variety and
numbers as to defy classification and positive
7 conclusion.


"The hopes and fears of all the years
Are net in thee tonight."
NOW THAT the day is over wherein we feel w
have shaped the course of human destin,
more to our liking by electing the man o
our choice(?) to guide our nation, we cal
sit back and do a little living again. Yet I
wonder (since the stars in the heavens describe
our general course thruout the ages), what have
we really accomplished? What difference does i
really make to you and me who was elected
Time and events move on in what seems a pre
ordained procession, and we live in their full
neaz, taking such lessons therefrom as we ar
able to extract.

In any case, we now enter the most crucia.
month of many a long year and in it appear:
the groundwork of what is to come. The planetary patterns show a tremendous storm brewing --
a storm which could possibly prove catastrophic
economically, not only to the U. S. but to the
whole world, and it is quite possible tha
these disruptive forces will begin their actio;
in this month of December.

We are approaching a turn in the road an
the Solar eclipse of December 4, which is alsc
the Lunation of the month. From it we may expect the smoldering tempers of various groups
to break out into full open flame. This month
many things are accentuated, not the least of
which is the taxation problem. Something is
sure to come to the fore in this respect.

Since we have two eclipses this month, falling as they do in Gemini and Sagittarius, morE
racial troubles may be looked for in all their
severity, and the earlier opposition of Jupiter and Neptune, with i is deflationary effect
seems about due to show its power, causing our
stock market again to fluctuate alarmingly.
Fortunately, the Christmas buying season is
with us and should steady things considerably.
It appears real estate and building operations
will be adversely affected by the general money
shortage indicated by the Sun and Mars configuration in the autumn ingress chart which sets
the pattern for the balance of the year. Jupiter is rising and is also in adverse aspect
with Mars, Fires, mining disasters, earthquakes,
drouths, agricultural difficulties, and terrific storms are all indicated. The Lunar eclipse
on December 18, by its position indicates the
passing of some very important notable man and
since it is in adverse aspect with disruptive
Pluto in the nation' s 9th house, foreign commitments will probably arouse the ire of the
people in general. Some disaster of large proportions is probable.

Luna in the 12th house is highly significant
of the expanding population and the increasing
number of jobless, thus throwing the spotlight