Volume 11, Issue 8, page 18

least transfer the past into
the present. (I know, but if
he succeeds -- what does he have
-- what is he really trying to
work -- the game wasn't very
successful then -- what makes him
think it will be now ?) '
"1. is the answer to 2. The
ending of the game isa part of
the past which is still hanging on heavily in the present.
When it is run using Vacuum
Cleaning procedure, the solids
in which these charged recalls
hang in time are irreversibly
disposed of, and no longer affect us. Unfortunately, when
I ran this incident on Rose,
it was during the visit to the
Bay area referred to in the
article -- and was prior to Vacuum Cleaning Procedure. I do
not have her address, but stand
ready to thoroly reduce it, as
she seems to be in restimulation in this.
"As stated, this game was a
beautiful game. It was a successful game which ran its
'cycle of action' -- birthgrowth-maturity