Volume 11, Issue 8, page 14

sonings make the true meanings
of the cards easy to remember
-- and he even supplies rhymes
as memorizing aids.

As Dr. Martello points out,
to succeed in cartomancy, one
must have an affinity for the
cards and know their multiple
meanings. Then one can use the
cards as keys to unlock doors
to insight, wisdom, and understanding. As one gains confidence, one can depend more and
more on intuitive judgment when
multiple meanings call for a

Numerology also can be used
to good advantage in connection
with card readings, and Dr.
Martello has supplied a symbolism chart for numbers one
to 13.

Added to the detailed instructions in the book, the
author has interspersed enough
of his personal experiences to
make the book interesting reading even for those who aren't
tempted to tell Cousin Bessie
about the dark man in her future -- or to look for the end
of the rainbow in their own. --