Volume 7, Issue 10, page 16

"The watchword of my Brotherhood is: 'Who will help us
to hold back the powers of
darkness?' Won't you by not
printing these 100% negative,
destructive things like Vern
Texter in January ABERREE? If
you want roses, you don't sow
thistles." -- Louise Blackhouse,
Phoenix, Ariz
4 4
"What is there about planes
that distresses Pulyan so? He
is living on one now and there
are a few more all around him
if he will only open his mindeyes to see. Cryptic, yes, but
so wise a man should need no
help. Being uncommitted and
unattached, I know nothing of
themselves as 'Lost Souls'. In
reality these are souls who
have found themselves. Only a
thinking person can become an
atheist." -- Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
"I have been astounded,
amused, and finally reduced to
hysterics at the 'merry masturbation bonfire' -- as Volney
Mathison delightfully phrases
it. Actually, I'm a little
surprised that anyone takes
Morris Katzen seriously. His
interpretations, are, to say
the least, quite individualized and it is obvious that he
does not use a standard English