Volume 5, Issue 8, page 8


Part II
OTHING concerns the truly conscious man
more than his own life. Knowledge that
advances and improves man'a'expression
of life is the highest and most important field of interest. The alert person
is willing to spend much effort and persistence in the pursuit of that which is of the
most vital benefit. In regard to this, every
keen searcher must realize that knowledge embodying the principles of a law, which is
supremely above all others, cannot be quickly
handed out and immediately understood.

The laws in minor fields of knowledge such
as electricity take time and application before the nature and action of such are perceived. One receives years of schooling before
mathematics and its many applications reaches
a complete state of comprehension. in learning,
a student does not realize the important relationship each principle has to all the other
principles; he has to wait until all the principles are understood before the whole law is
seen in its actual worth and importance.

Certainly, the supremely high law which
constitutes all the principles and action of
an ETERNAL life expression demands something
more than ordinary attention. There is too
much of an entirely different nature from that
which man already knows. With the majesty and
nobility of "The Royal Law", man begins as a
child, and like a child, he must learn a great
deal before the importance of what he has been
spending his time and patience on, dawns upon

The Bible is a book written to a people who
already were familiar with a salient field of
basic principles; consequently this basic field
is not written down. This is one reason why
man has never found out what was really a n d
most scientifically being portrayed in the Bible. The ancients did not continue on until
the remaining knowledge was brought forth, so
no promised results were gained: What "Oral
Code" knowledge they did have was finally lost ;
not being written down it was completely forgotten, and what was written, lost all connection with anything of a scientific and vitally
important nature.

Today the Bible stands as a book of principles, relative only to the middle expression
of a great and powerful law of life. There are
no primary foundation principals and the remaining half or finish of the law is merely
alluded to in a rather vague manner. References
are plentiful regarding the foundation and
finish, but without a full knowledge of the
foundation these cannot be understood.

The foundation knowledge has been regained,
produced, and worked out along lines of scientific endeavor. It was not until later that
the Bible was found to contain a consistent,
thoro connection and reference to this field
of advanced law action. Due to the fact that
millions of persons are familiar with the biblical script, it is more logical to present
this unique knowledge from this standpoint
than to use less familiar technical terms.

In using the Bible for this purpose, two
important things must be realized. First, this
law is not of a religious or superstitious nature, and second, it has nothing to do with
other teachings which have used the Bible for
quotations and interpretations in supporting
their beliefs or conceptions.

In presenting this law, we begin with its
minor basic principles. These can be accepted
as facts, temporarily at least, just as we accepted the principles of mathematics as facts
from the school teacher. If said teacher had
been wrong, we would not have gained, at the
finish, a sensible, workable understanding of
mathematics. The same is true in this case ;
until many principles can be seen to constitute a great scientific law, the student must
work with trust and confidence.

The first principle or degree of scientific

One we have spent centuries learning about;
of the other we know little or nothing. The
one we know is our own law of life, expressed
thru the human kingdom and its relative kingdoms of energy and life here in our universe.
The order of these kingdoms here are: Human,
Animal; Fish, Vegetable, Elemental, Mineral,
Astral. The planetary astral, as the term
applies here, is the functioning field of
outer sun, moon, planets, stars.

We will term this law of life that we know --
with its universe that we see -- "THE MIND LAS".
This terming is to make this presentation distinctly perceptible and not a disagreement
with the way this terming might have been applied elsewhere. We are entering upon an entirely new objective here; we are pronouncing
a new concept of two universes, so we must set
up a term Understanding of our own for the sake
of clarity. All energy expressed by this "mind
law" is vibratory. There are many degrees of
vibratory energy and these degrees are also
called "laws".

All the teachings of man function in the
vibratory degrees of the mind law. Mental sciences, occultism, mystic sciences, spiritualism, religions -- everything that man has built
up contending it to be the "secret of life",
the Power of God, Eternal Science, "I AM"
Presence, Universal Mind, Super- and Supraconscious Mind, Ascended Master, Masters of
Light, God of the Elements, God of the Universe, Creator of this mental-material world --
absolutely everything, every interpretation,
idea,. opinion, phenomena, mystic power and
healing -- have their action, their source, their
power, their being -- in the "Nind Law" of Vi -
ratory Action.

All our words, terms, and phrases, according to man's past concepts, have been applied
to this "mind law" of man, this mental law of
life with its effect expression of material
human bodies and relative substance and matter.
Now this may be questioned, but, if a different teaching had ever been applied of a regenerative nature, to any extent at all, specific
results would now be outstanding. Because no
such results are in expression should be sufficient proof that no Divine Regenerative Law
has ever been manifested.
(To be continued next issue)
The preacher who sends his congregation
home with a long prayer could do himself more
good were he to get his exercise by masticating his breakfast more thoroly before going
to church.