Volume 7, Issue 10, page 7

JULAINE To Psychic Development
Sender will mentally "tell" the ReceivPART VII -- DEVELOP THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND er every action the Receiver should take, such
as "Walk straight ahead...Stop... Turn to your
VERY living creature on the face of left... Go straight ahead... Stop... Lift your
the earth puts out what we call right hand... Move the blue box toward you...
thought waves. Even to the lowly There is the button... Pick the button up. "
worm. The worm's whole intelligence
Some ask me: Why should the Sender tell the
is occupied with "thoughts " of Receiver the button is there? Surely the Refood, and these thoughts vibrate cpickeiverewuipll. see the button and automatically
waves the same as an .
Y other emotion True, but by telling the Receiver that it
Before you can control the di- is there, and by telling the Receiver to pick
rection of your own thoughts, you it up, the Sender has completed a circuit of
must know in which direction to sending. He has made the picture complete, so
"send" them. To do this, one must first to speak, and this is IMPORTANT when you start
learn where the other mind is located. commanding the Cosmic. Don't leave your picAltho "thoughts" go out on the same ppicture half-painted; don't leave your thought
radio waves, you want to be able princi- i command half-sent. Anchor both ends down solid.
piet as shrad o waves to a specific receiver. die. Drive it home. Completed. A finished product.

Because he is using mechanical devices, the When the Receiver reaches the place where
ham radio operator will sometimes send a mes- hiding find small a articles prechosen easily, start
sage, then wait hopefully to learn who has artni ste choosing. When that article he has easily yd n
ac"read" him, and in what part of the world he complished, make the h hiding places hardeby
is received . I believe they do this quite putting the article in a drawer, a shoe, your
often while testing their own sets.

The telepath can "send" forever in this pocket, sigght of S
some earcher. place . that is out be There will manner and never learn who "reads" him. You manyy available places which you should discovwant to focalize your thought waves to a defi- er and use as you both gain fuller development.
rite receiver, so learn where to send. If you have no one with whom to experiment,
Since it is easier to work toward develop- you can play the guessing game alone, using
ment when you have another person to study and animals. This is good practice anyhow, even
experiment with, I'll explain that first. tho you do have someone with whom to study.

In this exercise, you will play the "guess- Before you start this phase of your " guessing game by taking turns. One of you will be ing game ", watch each place your cat or dog
the Searcher-Receiver while the other person chooses to lie down for a snooze -- such as bebecomes the Hider-Sender. hind a chair, on the sofa, under the rose bush,
Place a chair with its back against a wall. under the porch, etc. Fix each place in your
The "Sender" will sit in this chair after hid- memory. Then go into the house and, some time
ing a chosen article. It is best to have a during the day, let your mind wander. This is
prearranged signal to guide the "Receiver's" going to be controlled wandering.
re-entry into the room, such as a knock on the you are going to "guess " where the cat is.
floor, or a tap on the wall. Let your mind (not your psychic eye, at this
Remember, neither of you is to speak after time) "wander" from place to place.
the "Receiver" has left the room until the Is Kitty under the rose bush? FEEL it out.
game is over either by the "Receiver " finding No! Under the porch? FEEL your mind looking
the article, or giving up. And don't let a under the porch. No, not under the porch! Ah,
few, or a few hundred, failures indicate a there he is. How did you KNOW he was THERE,
total loss in becoming a telepath. wherever he was?
The chosen article should be hidden either Because your thought waves touched his
behind or under something that is in plain thought waves. Instantly there was a spark of
physical sight of the "Receiver.% Don't try to recognition there. Something that wasn't in
make it as "hard as possible" to begin with; the other places. Something that made you know
instead make it as easy as possible, increas- where Kitty was. Go, then, to see if you are
ing the task as the mind develops toward tel- right, using your physical eyes to look.
epathy. Practice this as often as you can -- on anyThe one who hides the article gives the thing you can.
"Receiver" the signal to come back into the After you have reached the point where you
room. This is. where the one who has hidden the can "feel" where the cat is, and are sure by
article learns where and how to send, while checking with the physical eyes, start "talkthe one who searches learns how to receive. ing" to the animal with your mind. Open your
The Receiver should stop just inside the psychic eye and "look" at him, while feeling
doorway and stand still until he feels an urge the contact of his thought waves.
to move in any definite direction. Mentally picture the cat doing what you are
MARCH, 1961- The ABERREE 7