Volume 7, Issue 10, page 9

II -- MORNING BREAKS THE FAST "Don't know why I ever stopped it," you
7 A. M. YOU were right on time again.
said. "I don't love you any less, or respect
You took pride in that. You were not you any less. I always did hold your chair bea slave of time, but you didn't like fore we were married, so I'm going to try and
to keep people wAnd when remember to do it hereafter. I am, family,
people kept you waiting waiting. iti it made turning over a number of small new leaves this
you morning
impatient. You decided, rather im- wife said: "I should say that it doespulsively, not to be impatient again n't matter, because I have to be up and down,
with others. For after all, if you serving the family. But I guess it does matreally believed in your immortality, ter. I'd sit down, I think, when I should be
you knew you had all eternity in up, for the sheer delight of having my chair
which to do your work. But had you? Jesus held for me."
had but three years, actually, in which It was a simple courtesy which you hadn't
to minister publicly to His Father's other accorded her for some time, and you didn't
children. So time had been important in rite say that just before you would , not have
held her chair, Jesus, in your mind, went and
the days when He had been a man, walking stood behind her chair and looked at you exthe earth. It must still be important, so pectantly: "Before you married her you held
many of the Father's children live by the her chair, so is she any less to you because
time clock, yourself included, she is now your wife, mother of your children?"
You were ready for breakfast. The day began Of course not; she was much, much more.
with rising from bed. It began again when you Well, maybe not more, for years ago she had
broke your fast. When you thought it over, it been the prospective mother of your children.
began every successive second of your life, You looked at the children around the table,
and that, truly, made time important. When you and the q were taking it in, all of it. Of
lived a second it was gone, gone forever, and course! You were their example. Maybe none of
whatever you had done or not done in that sec- the boys would hold chairs for any of the
and was, well, it wasn't gone, and you could girls