Volume 7, Issue 10, page 4

the first bride was "deflowered " by the sacred
instruments, the second bride would be going
up the steps, the third bride would be about
half-way down the aisle, while the fourth
bride would be just entering the door. And so
it went until all the chosen ones had been
"accepted". They went down the steps on the
other side of the altar, where they were
"cleansed ".

Everyone then adjourned to the sacred burial ground, where the brides were thrown bodily
into their husband's bed (gravel. If it was a
lake, the weight of their jewelry held them
down. If it was a dead volcano, then it would
have been impossible for them to climb out unaided, even if they survived, which was unlikely.

I shall not tell you where these rituals
are known to have taken place for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I intend to
go there myself some day on a sacred pilgrimage. Another reason is that, being Egyptian, I
am superstitious enough to believe in the ancient curse. I would give you my life, b u t
not the means of ravaging our beliefs.

But I will tell you that it is a place in
the mountains referred to as the bottomless
pit. Something dropped could still be heard to
ricochet from the walls of the canyon until
the ears lost the sound, and yet the bottom
was not reached.

In the last few centuries, this has been
changed quite a bit. Some of the more fanciful
people still sacrifice to the Sun God their
most beautiful virgins. But on the whole,
since one of the priests was smart enough to
tell the people that Ammon Re had more wives
than he could feed, and that Mut, the first
wife of the Sun God, had grown jealous, this
has been modified.

The suggestion was made to substitute animals and grain on the altar so there would be
enough to feed the brides. Also, it was hoped
that these offerings would appease Mut. This
suggestion was approved heartily by the more
intelligent persons concerned.

The temple of Ammon Re was erected, or reerected, in the Libyan desert, where I believe
the people still are offering appeasement to
Mut, tho not as often as was done in ancient
times. I suppose there still are enough brides
sent to Ra that he will be assured of young
and beautiful wives to satisfy his needs and

Were all the people of this dead past so
foolish as to give their most beautiful daughters to a death of this sort? The dead beliefs
are not so dead as one might think. Neither is
the past so long gone as to be forgotten.

All did not adhere to this belief, nor still
do. Only those who were afraid to contradict
the rulers. Others more sensible would usually
find a way out, if they thought their daughter
had even the slightest chance of becoming a
Sun Bride.

This often was accomplished by scarring the
child in such a way that Ra would not accept
her. This superstition is still strong, despite all the ways of civilization, because
from generation to generation, mothers have
marked their daughters. It isn't a large scar,
but it is very prominent and often noticed,
especially under a good sun tan.

Hypnosis? There were experts in those days.

We might suggest Morris Katzen move his
missionary efforts to Washington and state
capitols that have legislatures in session.
All that gas!

I HE SUN was considered by the ancient astrologers as the generative principle, and
that we have found to be sound science.
Without the sun there would be no life on
the earth, and it would be as barren as a
cobblestone. And so, the astrological
scriptures said, "Our God is a Consuming Fire"
(Heb. 12:291. And "Our Lord the Sun" was used
in prayer by Christians until the Sixth Century, and embodied in the Liturgy until changed
by the priesthood to "Our Lord the God" (Kuhn,
p. 2731.

With his Astral Gods on the scene, Ezra
proceeded, like an expert novelist, to weave
fictitious tales about them. He made them appear as real personages who have children,
some of whom go to Egypt, where, in just a few
generations, they "increased abundantly, and
multiplied, and waxed exceedingly mighty; and
the land was filled with them" (Exodus 1:71.

This fable has one serious flaw. History
fails to support it. The Egyptian records,
carved in stone, mention no migration to that
land of the children of Israel.

Then the novelist makes his Astral Gods the
ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel -- another tricky invention of Ezra which represents
the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The Zodiac is the ancient wheel of life,
and is so presented in the ancient Tarot, card
No. 10. It is the Wheels of Ezekiel (1:151, and
the rainbow around the throne in Revelation
44:3). And the secret meaning of the name Jacob
is an arch, dome, circle, Zodiac. And the symbolism of the Zodiac contains the ancient doctrine of the microcosm and the macrocosm, "As
above, so below".

And so, Ezra makes Jacob have 12 sons to
represent the signs of the Zodiac, as follows:
1. Reuben (Seeing) Aquarius
2. Simeon (Hearing) Pisces
3. Levi (Adhesion) Gemini
4. Judah (Confession) Leo
5. Dan (Judgment) Libra
6. Naphtali (Striving) Capricorn
7. Gad (A Troop) Scorpio
8. Asher (Beatitude) Virgo
9. Issachar (Hire) Taurus
10. Zebulun (Cohabiting) Cancer
11. Joseph (He Shall Add) Sagittarius
12. Benjamin (Son of my Right Handl Aries
And we observe the Bible states, "Ill these
are the twelve tribes of Israel" (Gen. 49:28).
That lets the cat out of the bag. But the
church presents this ancient mythology as real
history -- and for a thousand years, it was believe it, or die.

Not only do these Bible characters live,
and move, and have their being in astrology,
but also that equally mythical god Jesus. His
"second coming" is strictly an astrological
event, concealed in the symbolism of the Zodiac, as explained by Prof. Hilton Hotema in his
"Mystery Man of the Bible".
(Continued in the next issue)