Volume 7, Issue 10, page 3

Brides of Ra Vllppets of Hypnosis
In These Ancient Death Rites, Mothers Could
Save Their Daughters Only by Scarring Them
As told to Lowana Julaine
HERE HAS been much said on the subject of hypnosis in the last few
years. Many persons believe that
hypnosis as an anaesthesia is comparatively new. Not so. Hypnosis is
without doubt one of the most ancient of anaesthesias.

My people came from the Libyan
desert in Egypt, land of the Sun
God and His VirginsóBrides of Ra,
or Ammon Re, as he is better known,
Some who read this may well ask: What
has all this to do with hypnotism? Well,
without hypnotism, there would have been
no brides, as you will discover if you
stay with me thru this tale of ancient
(and not so ancient) horror.

Most of us know about these "marriage " rituals of religion, either by study or thru
reading. What many persons don't seem to know
is how the brides were made ready for their
marriage. This preparation changes little from
group to group, and from one section to another. As a whole, it was the same everywhere.

The prospective "brides" were chosen from
young girls approximately five. or six years
old. First selection was for beauty of face
and limb. Those with even the slightest blemish were eliminated. This elimination continued thru the next few years -- first the slow
thinkers, and then the temperamental. Those
left were "accepted" for training for their
duties as Brides of Ra.

They were taught gentleness, loyalty, endurance, meekness, and so on. Cooking and
cleaning were important lessons, as well as
how to bathe the feet of Ra. This in itself was
a special ritual. They were taught to give him
rub-downs. After all, even a Sun God gets tired
after working from sunup until sundown.

It is truly a shame that so much wifely
training should have been wasted on a mere Sun

As soon as these girls reached "womanhood ",
they were brought out of the sun for the
bleaching process. For months, the girls lived
in semi-twilight. Never was a ray of sunlight
to touch their bodies during this time. They
kept themselves moist from head to foot by
bathing in lemon juice, made by pounding the
whole lemon into a liquid pulp. After an hour
or so, this was wiped off with cloths wrung
out in olive oil. Then the whole process was

This bleaching continued until the girls
were like pale amber jewels, fit for any god.
But this was not the climax. While bleaching,
they learned the arts of love. Every possible
way, that was known to give pleasure to the
husband, was taught these girls.

Pity the poor priest who had to give them
this training, yet was forced to leave each
and every girl a virgin. But precautions were
ample to see that no priest got ideas. If you
had been one of those priests, you would have
come into the outer chamber alone. You would
have been stripped from head to heels before
stepping into a tub of water up to your knees,
water so hot you couldn't keep your feet
stilled. And there you would have had s i x
women to bathe you, three of them trying to
scrub the hide off with stiff brushes, while
the other three dipped water from the tub to
pour over you. When the scrubbing was done, you
would have been given clean sandals for your
feet, after having been dried by your bathers.
A black hood would have been drawn over your
head and secured under your chin. The only opening in the hood was for the nose and mouth.

Having been guided into the chamber of the
Virgins, you would begin and end your instructions under the watchful eyes of 12 fanatic
gargoyles, one for each sign of the Zodiac,
holding a braided whip tipped with metal
"stars". The points of these stars were razorsharp and spelled death for any male whose eyes
beheld the brides before the marriage ceremony.

When weeks and months had passed, and the
priest was finished with his training of the
girls, they were then "tanned" by the sun.
Lemon juice was put aside and the olive oil
was used exclusively. Every inch of the girls'
bodies was covered with oil and then exposed
to the sun until they were the shade of polished copper.
"Beauty" treatments were given the last day
before the bridal ceremony. Hair that had been
brushed to sparkling life was trimmed and
"styled". Nails that had been left to grow were
shaped and made even. Eyebrows were plucked
and dyed. And the girls were given a sedative
to help them sleep well their last night on
earth, after a glorious banquet.

On their wedding morning, they were awakened by having the sun shine on them from windows where heavy drapes had hung for so many

After a light breakfast of fruit, the girls
were dressed in their wedding fineryójeweled
robes and sandals, jeweled head bands; their
arms, ankles, and necks were graced with precious ornaments.

Then followed the final hypnotic session.
This hypnosis had been going on for months as
the girls slept quietly at night. We now call
it "the sleep process ". After being hypnotized,
further suggestions were given eliminating all
feeling or fear of pain. Anaesthesia hypnosis
is new? Not by a long shot, it isn't!
The girls again were given implicit instructions on each move they would make while
keeping their eyes on the sun. Never once did
their eyelids flutter from the intense brilliance and burning of that heavenly orb.

Leaving the quarters in which they had
lived so long, they would proceed, one by one,
into the "temple'; down the aisle, and up the
steps to the altar. It was so timed that as