Volume 7, Issue 10, page 14

social and spiritual level .

Bqt, then again t here were
many such civilizations that
are less widely spoken of -- but
nevertheless, just as advanced
as the ones of which you speak.
DEAR L00IS -- Who do you see
being the president after the
current one is out of office? --
E.C., Phoenix, Ariz.

DEAR E. C. -- I presume you
mean after Mr. Kennedy finishes
who will be the next one to
take his place. The next person to sit in the president's
chair will be Mr. Barry Goldwater, and this man will be a
tremendous leader.
DEAR SIR -- How long will
Castro and his men last in
Cuba? -- C.F.C., Miami, Fla.

DEAR C.F.C. -- If I pick up
tie, vibrational pattern correctly, Mr. Castro should be
removed from the scene in
1961, and shortly after his
'removal", his boys will fade
into the gutters from which
they came.
DEAR LOUIS -- How do individuals or groups go about securing your services? Would you
please give us data on same?ó
Unity Group, Knoxville, Tenn.

DEAR FRIENDS -- I go anywhere
at any time -- providing I get
the "Green Signal" from my
Source. I do ask that Mr. T.W.
A. is taken care of, plus Mr.
Hilton. I make no charges for
my work, at any time.
DEAR LOUISóThere was a
mixup in my birth. I was told
that I was born tin January,
but *y astrological chart indicates that I'm of March
birth. Can you help me out on
this matter, for I an an avid
student of astrology. ó ,K.,
Denver, Colo.

DEAR FRIEND -- Your charts
are quite correct. My WRING
indicates a March birth pattern, and the date seems like
the fifth, Of the latter I 'm
not sure.
DEAR LOUIS -- You and other
seers predicted Mr.Nixon uvuld
win the election. What happened? -- G.L., San Antonio, Tex.

DEAR G.L. -- Mr. Nixon did
win the election for my money .
Read your papers, then read in
between the lines. Can't you
see what took place from this?
Send your question direct to
LOUIS, Care The ABERREE, Box 528,
Enid. Enclose self-addressed,
stamped envelope for personal reply in case there is not room for
an answer in The ABERREE.

"In my first incarnation,
(starting from scratch) I was
a tramp.
"All the women were queens,
I well remember that.
"We lived right on the edge
of the flat world. An old-timer
who sailed on the Ark told how
long it took to mop up all that
water after they moored to the
top of the mount.
"One rainy day, Jesus came
riding along on his donkey. He
had a smooth shave and he didn't have a bit of power; just
like old Samps.
"Need I say there was no
plumbing in those old days (except for queens). Ho-hum." --
A. B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.
" P.S. -- Make Aberree longer.
I'll stand a dollar subscription increase." -- A.B.P.
"The ABERREE is the world's
best humor magazine whether
you know it or not. (ED. NOTE
óThanks, but how's MAD, PUCK,
ABILITY, and some of the other
'funny' magazines going to
take being down-graded thus.)
"I rather agree with Texter 's and Ramer's foresight of
1961. If I can read the Signs
of the Times we will be in a
hot war with Cuba shortly after
Ike bows out. This will bring
in China and U.S.S.R. and the
cocky U. S. A. will get what
Italy, Germany, and Japan got,
only worse. We dropped the
first A-Bomb. A deadly harvest
will return to us...
"We speak of World Wars I
and II and III. It is all one
49-year war, a repetition in
the 20th Century of the Thirty
Years War when R. C. nations
ganged up against protestant
nations trying to force them
back in the R.C. fold. The last
act of this 49 years war (191419631 will end Capitalism and
Xti a nity of Rome and a few
other things that are senile.
"If there is another magaThe ABERREE
zine in the world like ABERREE
is, I never met up with it." --
Wing Anderson, Montrose, Colo.
"All t h e analyzing a n d
speculation of mortal mind will
never lead to truth, because
mortal opinion has little to
do with it. All analyzing is
done with the constantly
changing finite mind of man,
and little is accomplished by
it until man is willing to believe and accept the promises
of God and use his mind to develop his faith and love.
"The philosophers, t h e
skeptics, the analyzers are
all spinning around on the
pivot of analyzation until
dizzy with doubt and unbelief.
This unbelief was the onlyy
thing Jesus ever condemned.
"If there are any believers
who read ABERREE and are tired
of the philosophies of those
who think they are smarter
than God, we'd like to hear
from them. It seems everything
has been tried and found wanting. So why not try God and be
willing to believe on H i s
Christ and prove the doctrine
instead of forever trying to
disprove it. Man with his puny
mind will never be able to figure God out. 'His ways are past
finding out', so 'Why reason
ye'. Faith and love are the
keys to the kingdom. Faith is
an element, and the elements
are the tabernacle of God. Love
is the cohesive power that
holds it together. If man
would begin to use his mind to
develop these two qualities he
would soon have the power to
fulfill all the laws of righteousness (right use ness) and
reach the Godhead.
"My work has been primarily
to interpret the scriptures in
the New Tongues of Love and
teach others how to project
that love into all the affairs
of their lives. All I can say
is, it works." ó Martha Baker,
109 S. Schiller, Little Rock,
Ark. 4 4 4
"In your December issue, I
particularly noted three things
I would like to comment on,
largely for the pleasure of
doing same. I mean no unkind
criticism, but am rather remarking on the generalities
involved. First, I noticed in
Lowana Julaine's interesting
and valuable article, a new
and striking differentiation
between concentration and meditation. According to Miss Julaine, to meditate is 'to think
strongly about a thing while
being able to consciously do
something else at the same
time, such as sweep the floor
while you figure out what to
fix for supper'. She puts con