Volume 7, Issue 10, page 2

MARCH, 1961 * * * Vol. VII, No. 10
Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites'
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
Published monthly, except for the combined January-February and JulyAugust issues, at 207 North Washington, Enid, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Editorial Office: 2522% North Monroe St., Enid, Oklahoma
Mail Address: Postoffice Box 528, Enid, Oklahoma
Subscription price: $2 a year; $5 for 3 years. Single copies, 25t
Second class privilege authorized at Enid, Okla., Postoffice
Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, I-2, D.D., D. Scn., F. Scn.,
B. Sen., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Publisher: ALICE AGNES HART, I-1, HCA. SEC., WFE., Lbrn., H.Kpr., ETC.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is not
reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes, or "experts" who
seek to sell him that which he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds
from issue to
issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right
to be his own and only