Volume 7, Issue 10, page 10

NETHER or not the "Red Hands" have ever
before swung their owner into Thetan
Place, "the Center of Awareness '% is beside the pointótho somewhere in the distant past they did just that, and probably not too far from the present-day
location of Thetan Place. This place is along
a highway of royal palms out of Fort Myers,
Fla. Off to the left somewhere, not too far,
is the Everglades, which Red Hands has long
planned to visit. Here, somewhere in the most
distant days, when man was very young on the
earth but old in the Universe of the Father,
were other Thetan Places, descended from yet
other Thetan Places which may not have had
that name at all, but were there for the general purpose which is today's general purpose
of theMarcap Council, Inc., operating under the
aegis of Drs. Blanche and Richard Pritchett.

Back on a July day, Red Hands, under his
cap of prophecy, answering challenges to see
the future correctly, said in answer to a question: "Certain centers of awareness will manifest in Florida..."
He could not know, tho he should have known,
that even then Thetan Place, the Center of
Awareness, was reincarnating on Route 3, Fort
Myers, with a box number having its own mystical meaning: 400. How, he wondered in December,
did information get around like this, since
until that time he had never, in the physical
world, heard of "Thetan Place", tho he had a
vague idea what a " thetan " was, having read
Dianetics by a fellow science fiction writer
of many years before? Nor had he heard, in the
present incarnation, of the Pritchetts, or any
of the other entities gathered about them in
their capacities as reopeners of the Center of

Red Hands had gone south under the managership of Carolyn Judkins of Paradise Boulevard.
She, with the help of Clarissa McClung, had
arranged for three lectures in the Nitram Masonic Temple in St. Petersburg, for a kind of
private lecture in Lakeland, for a two-hour
radio broadcast, and sundry psychic or spiritual studies.

The radio broadcast calls for special mention. Monitored by Marshall Cleaver, it put
Red Hands somewhat on the spot.
''If our listeners don't telephone in many
questions during the two hours, you may be excused long before that time. We'll just say
thanks for coming, and you can go home."
We agreed to this.

Strangers telephoned and asked: "Are there
really flying saucers?"
And we answered: "That question calls for a
lot of answering, which we are doing tomorrow
night to a group of enthusiasts in Tampa. Next
question?" (ED. NOTEó Of course, we know that
all ABERREE readers know the answer to that
question, sc the above answer was sufficient.)
For two hours, with virtually no break, to
our satisfaction and enjoyment, people telephoned and we answered. There was only one
question like this:
"What you're saying is based on old wives'
tales. It's largely superstition in which no
person of intelligence would show the slightest interest."
Hoping to start something, we answered: "If
we're away off, as you say, how come you listen
and ask questions? Why did you phone in?"
"Because I'm an American citizen!" Which,
we suppose, explained his original assertion.
Other answers, mostly of a psychic nature, and
especially those referring to flying saucers,
added much interest to the lecture in Tampa
the npxt night. The red lights of the telephone, according to our manager-observer, Carolyn Judkins, kept showing red for curiosity
during all the two hours.

There was a lot more, and then a letter
from Dr.Blanche, regretting that we were not
en route to Thetan Place. She had been told we
were not going that far south.

To have missed the Center of Awareness would
have been to miss many of the breaths of life.
There was an evening of discussion, as deftly
monitored as any discussion we have ever attended, wherein questioners and people with
thoughts to express that were not questions,
held up their hands to be recognized, instead
of just breaking in and taking the floor by
main strength and awkwardnessómostly awkwardness. Hands were noted by the moderator and
people spoke only when their turns came. In
fact, people invited to participate who refused, just once, to abide by the beautifully
oiled rules, were not asked again, and found no
red carpets out when they returned without being asked. And every entity had his say, and
was thanked at the close by the moderator.
Then, Dr. Blanche began to ask us questions.
Until that moment, we had been prone to question our own accuracy. After all, who can
prove he can see the distant past, or the future, or the insides of sick persons with the
"inner eye"? Dr. Blanche asked, and we answered, not knowing we were being tested. Had we
known we probably would have flunked the test.
When we finished, Dr. Blanche asked the others:
"Does that sound familiar?"
We got goose pimples over our clairvoyance.
We felt ourselves to be far, far out. After
all, when had we last visited Sirius, the Dog
Star, or met with the true White Brotherhood,
or looked into the faces of the people here
and known them, tho in this life we had met
none before?
Two solid hours, on a Saturday evening,
after some hours of riding down from St.Petersburg. Then, the following Sunday afternoon,
studies for the people there present.

It was a marvelous experience.

What can one write, actually, about the
Center of Awareness, except it's not for the
curious, the gadabout-hunting-phenomena, the
insincere, or the spiritually lazy. The Council, consisting of the Pritchetts and their
charter members, are people who are "different', but manifest their differentness as Jesus
must have manifested his: humbly, simply, sincerely. They seek and find themselves and their
places in Creation. Others who thus truly seek
will surely find at Thetan Place. And why not?
Since before the Universal Church, since before the Mystery Schools were, the Center of
Awareness was, Thetan Place was, the White
Brotherhood wasówith the same "mother" to
monitor her brood.