Volume 7, Issue 10, page 6

HAXIOM 27 -- ACTUALITY can exist for one, holusbolus, but when one disagrees with the Symbol-Maker, Somebody has had it!
HAXIOM 28 -- COMMUNICATION is similar to the
shelling and throwing of a roasted peanut
from Point A (by a Life-Symbol) over a short
distance to Point B, with the intention of
getting the Life-Symbol at Point B to plant
this shelled peanut. When the Life-Symbol at
Point B, as often happens, makes peanut butter
out of this lone peanut, instead of planting
it, and then makes a small sandwich which he
carefully wraps and throws back to Point A
from Point B, where it is picked up off the
ground and perhaps eaten in an attempt to duplicate Point B (in spite of all this awkwardness of tossing peanuts and their altered
forms back and forth), we can, if you still
want to, call this TWO-WAY.

COMMUNICATION, like a cake, can have all
its component parts in one bowl, well mixed;
but then this mess needs baking. When this is
not done, the cake remains as mere dough, and
is gooey. Sometimes the dough is self-eaten by
the mixer-upper without the benefit of baking,
tho it needs baking badly. Of course, this
leads to indigestion. Indigestion is deplorable when it is not wholly enjoyable; and antiperistaltic action sets in, which leads to
forgetfulness, unconsciousness, and other undesirable states. NON-COMMUNICATION consists,
for the most part, of the memory of eating too
much cake dough and peanut butter sandwiches,
to the point where ordinary fatigue sets in.
If TWO-WAY is awkward ONE-WAY, then it does
not necessarily have to be awkward TWO-WAYS.
ONE-WAY awkwardness is (or can be) considered
good enough.

HAXIOM 29 -- To cause a fixed consideration to
persist, one must not permit any other authorship to be credited with it; otherwise the
Symbol-Makers would have trouble existing.
And so, to take one fixed consideration with
another, a Symbol-Maker's life is not a happy
one, due to his own stroboscopic view of his
own fixed consideration and fixed opinions.