Volume 7, Issue 10, page 18

tents of a typical issue -- a
consistent organization of
contradictory closed systems.
"EDITORIALS -- (1) -- For symbols, how about a hatchet-faced
Puritan with turned-out pockets driving a hotrod the other
way on a one-way street? (2)
The idea of the Spiritualists
seems to be that the living
people tell all about death
and the dead people tell all
about living, which implies
that those best qualified to
inform are those with the least
information. Or, as a general
principle, a problem is most
easily solved by those who
know least about it.
"On the prophecies: Dismissing the two T's at the top to
join the Nixon election and
the Eisenhower martial law,
Louis, as usual, seems more
consequential. The Land color
process doesn't count; it was
already known in 1960. The
first airline crash has happened; one down and two to go.
What scientists do know is that
the Egyptians used solar energy to operate air whistles