Volume 7, Issue 10, page 11

A Skeptic Dissects
Some Sacred Myths
EDITORIAL WARRANTYóThis manuscript has
not been mutilated by editing, retaining
in full its pristine beauty of grammar,
spelling, and common sense. -- The EDITOR
OW, LETS Analice That Beutiful Heaven Jehowah Promieses Them, Ah, That With Golden
Flore Paradiese, And Billions If Not Trillions Of Goosts, Or Spooks, Former Mortals, Of Course Thy Call Them Hooly Spirits, Do Nothing Buth Play On Harps And
Sing Hallelujahs Hyl Jehowah, E,C,Tra, Well,
If You Havent Loost Your Mind Completetly Or
Had It Calcified By The Stuff The Priests Stuffet Into You And You Blindly Believet In, You
My Be Shure You'll Be A Raving Maniac In No
Thim From That Ethernal Caterwauling In That

Tausands Of Jears Before Christ Was Ever
Heard From, In Many Lands Especeally The East
And Middle East, I t Is Hystorically Recordet
Thy, On Speceal Ocasions, With Great Pomp And
Hola, Producet By The Priest, Which Providet
Lots Of Money E,C,Tra, For Them, Thy Selectet
Beutiful Virgin Maydens Or jouths, And Butcheret Them Eyther In Open Marketplaces, Or Trew
Them To Crocodiles Or Other Animals To Be Defauret Or Drownet Them, And The Moore Horrieble
Thyr Victims Deat And Torture The Moore Effective The Forgiving Of Sins, Now That Idea Was
Youst Made For Roome, So You Got Your JeSus
Christ, An Believe Me, That Brings Them Moost
Of Thyr Income, Gimme 15$ Dollars Or Better,
And I Or We, Pray An Arm Or Leg Of Your Dead
Granny In Aur Next Mass Into Heaven, Thy Tell
Thyr People, Oh Jea, When Is The Next Corpse
Express Going To That Heaven Pleasse, Pelley
Clayms, Or At Least He Hints, He Is A Former
Disciple Of Jesu, Mybe St, Peter, I Told Him,
Mybe, Of That Avatar Suposetly Crucified Somewhere In The Middle East Abaut 1500 Jears Befohre Chist, Or Some Other Frind Of Hism, As
Crucification Was Moor Common Then, After Lucifer Blew Itself Up, Thy Uset That Name Instead Devil, Plenty, And If Thy Ever Get Space
Ships And Travel Going Here, Thy Better Get
All Thy Geygercaunters Going Befohre Thy Get
Near The Spot In Space Were That Lucifer Asteroyd Belt Is, That Stuff Must Be Hot As Firecrakkers Jet.

Now Lets Go Bak To Creation, So All Was
Blak And Only A Voyd, Or Vacum Existikg In The
Beginning As Per Bible, Eh? And Yet There Is
God Aur Creator All At Once Saying, Let There
Be Ligth, Dont That Contradiction Stunn You,
And Makes You Think? It Seems Not, Because The
Priests The Church Has Renderet You Senseless,
Made You Blind, Some Even Forbid You To Think
For Yourselves, To Let Them Do It For You, But
Lets Lok Fuhrter Into Things, Even In The Bible, Which In Toto Was Written By Men, Some
Wiese, But Most Of Them Selfish Poverhungry
Degenerates And Lyers,
'The Fakt That God, Aur Creator Was There At
That Socallet Beginning, Fully Selfconsceaus,
Selfaware, Knoving Enaugh To Recreate Ligth,
Forms With And Of Matter After Creating Ligth,
The Original Matter, Traugth Spirit, The CreaBy Dr. MARCUS FITE
EW PERSONS realize how extensively synthetic fats have supplanted natural fats in
our foods today. A synthetic fat is one
which has been made from a cheap oil, like
cottonseed or coconut. Cooking the oil at
high temperature and high pressure so that
the original oil is destroyed, a new compound
takes its place.

All vitamin and mineral factors also are
destroyed, and the resulting dark and smelly
grease is bleached to a white and tasteless
synthetic fat. This then can be processed to
imitate butter, lard, or shortening.

The physical properties of the new product
are quite desirable commercially., It takes
high temperatures, does not absorb onion or
other odors. It has everything EXCEPT food
value. Even the Vitam,i,n A added to oleo today
is synthetic, and a farce as a food vitamin.
tive Force We Call Sex, Which Animates And
Creates Forms And Holds Them Together, Fuhrter
In The Bible Its Made Playn To Anyone Who Can
Think, Tat God Aur Creator Is Not Spirit, Hooly
Nor Unhooly, But, Mind Thaugth Ethernal Undestructieble, And He Created Us In His Own Image, Mind Thaugth Eternal, And Told us, To Go
And Learn And Become Like Him And Come Bak To
Him. Now How Otherwiese Cauld We Go And Learn,
If Not From The Bottom Or Graund Up, And What
Is The Loovest Thing At The Bottom Of The Universes, But Matter, So We Had Naturally To
Learn First All Abaut Matter, So We Just A s
Naturally Had To Work In And With Matter, And
As Matter Is Due To Time And Change, Especeally
Flesh And Blood Boodies, Which Were Aur Best
Tools To Learn In, But Didnt Least Long Enough
For Us Tho Finish Aur Education In Matter, In
One Nor Mybe A Tausand Lieves, So We Ocupy
Boodies Periodically, Which Like All Flesh An
Blood Boodies Are Able Thaugth Sexual Organs
In Them To Produce Moore New Boodies For Those
Of Us Who Want To Come Bak For Another Lesson
In Mortality, Matter, And For Anibody To Dare
Tell Us Thyre Wieser An Know Moore Than Aur
Creator, That Sex, And Recreation Of Boodies
Is A Sin And Were Born In Sin And Corruption,
Advocating The Destruktion And Practicing By
Castration Or Celibacy Or Abstinence, Is A
Lyar And Blasphemer And Practitioneer Of The
Firs Unforgievable Original Sin, I Wonder What
Kind Of God Ordaynet Them To Preach Such Blasphemies To The People, Thyr Jehowah Hooly
Mooses Of Course.

Jes Sire, All Those Massmindet Mind Stunnet
Petrifiet Minds Who Youyfully Want To Believe
Every Thing Thyr Masters Teti Them Or Thyr
Priests Cults Churches And Religions, And Wauld
Gladly Slit Your Troat If You Tried To Say
Thyre Wrong, Wont Liste-n To Noone Even After
Death, So You Got Spooks And Haunted Hauses,
Thy Suffer The Mental Agonies In All Thyr Horrors Over There Even Thy Are Boodyless, That
Oaspe Clearly Talks About These Sumps Tose
Fully Petrified Degradet Minds Ocupy, Till
Somebody Comes Near Them And Says Hy You Sap,
What Youre Jowling Abaut, You Got No Nerves Nor
Flesh An Blood To Be Affected By FeelingïPayn
Heat Or Cold, Some Of Them My Believe Them And
Get Aut But A Lot Like Here Wont, And The Others That Oaspe Clayms Thyr Masters Collect In