Volume 7, Issue 10, page 13

t Not much room for us this
mirthówhich may be a relief
to those who may not read our
monthly "letter to the readers'. Anyhow, we had to leave
out several pages of more important stuff, so we don't
feel bad, or discriminated
against. Especially, since we
did it to ourselves.
∂ We were going to include
in this column the names of
readers who've moved recently,
but when the list passed t h e
63 mark, we abandoned the project. What happened? Somebody
scatter wanderlust powder? Or
has the severe winter in some
parts of the nation been a bit
too much for tender hides? We
in Oklahoma "suffered " an unusually dry and mild January,
so while you in the north and
east are shoveling out of the
drifts, why don't you shove a
bit this way? We NEED what you
have too much of.
∂ She hasn't moved yet, but
LOVE, by Zoe Nickerson. 46
pp. mimeo. $2. Nickerson-Burks
Foundation, 120 Kenmar Dr.,
Newark, Del.

Sooner or later, any of us
inquiring into the mysteries
of Life are going to face the
problems aroused by the four
topics discussed in this book
by Zoe Nickerson. And the problems which she discusses so
succinctly makeup the title of
the book, "Thought, Karma, Reincarnation, and Love '%
Zoe gets her "answers " during a hypnotic state called
"samadhi ", in which she seemingly "talks in her sleep".
These answers are out on tape

MARCH, 1961
rs, Vo1ne Traxler, of Pioneer, Ohio, says the State is
trying to run a new highway
thru their property, "close to
our front porch", and she's
being urged to give up their
garden and move into town. The
fact she objects shows she
doesn't appreciate what civilization can do for heró411
that carnage in her own front
yard! Romans used to have to
walk to a Coliseum for their
"sport ".
∂ One of the things that
has-helped to keep the Ed. and
Pub. out of mischief (or did DEAR LOUIS -- I am very much
it?) the last month is the overweight; what would you
launching of an advertising suggest? -- D.W., Detroit, Mich.
sheet for our letter shop, DEAR FRIEND -- I know little
called "the mAD-Letter", which about diet in general. I conis ABERREEish in character on sider diet to be a very pera local level. First reaction sonal thing. There is a most
has been amazingly flattering. wonderful book that will help
Makes us wonder what we've let you if anything will. The title
ourselves in for. We started is, " Winning the Losing Batit -- the mAD-Letter -- as a jest, tle", by Laurel Elizabeth Keys.
but we remember we started The The basic idea of this book is
ABERREE as a jest, too, and based on a plan of eating,
look what happened to it! rather than diet. The author
1 Before we get "trigger- calls this plan "gentle a athappy " on these keys, and for- ing ".
get our limited space, we want ï
to thank the new donors to the DEAR LOUIS -- We understand
Lending Library -- M a. D. Tram- that you have given consultamell, Glasgow, Mn.; A. J. Demo- tion to many famous people and
sey, Detroit, Mich.; and Mar- still do. Why don't you adverquis McDonald, of Fort Scott, tise this if it is so? -- R.M.,
Kas. Burbank, Calif.
1 And that's all, kind folk , DEAR FRIEND -- I prefer to
for this month. See you again travel the path riding my own
when the crocus are in bloom. horse, not someone else's. My
clientele will match Who's Who
and later transcribedóand it any day. So what! Some day, if
was thus that her discussions I get nerve enough, I'm going
of the four subjects, as well to publish my autobiography,
as questions seeking further which I intend to call "From
elaboration or clarification Princesses to Prostitutes .% In
were compiled. ' this I'll probably do some
There is little extraneous name-dropping. Until then, I'll
material in Zoe's answers, and try to be somewhat discreet.
in these days when teachers ï
feel they must resort to end- DEAR LOUIS -- I have followed
less wordiness to get a point the Caryl Chessman case most
across, her dehydrated version closely. Please do some seeing
is a refreshing novelty, on this situation. -- G.L., San
Zoe gives "thought" star Antonio, Texas.
billing in her tetrad, saying DEAR FRIENDóMr. Chessman
that "thought alone determines was innocent of the so-called
karma in all timeópast, pres- "red light" situation, but
ent, future". And karma is the guilty of some thawent un"cause and effect" of thought, noticed. I personally do not
good or bad. Few will disagree believe in capital punishment.
with either premise, altho too I think it childish that when
many may discover for the first a situation becomes so involved
time that karma isn't always that we can't solve it, we
the "sins " we commit for which destroy it. What was accomwe pay in succeeding lives, plished by destroying this perAs for reincarnationóyou son -- or any person? When will
don't have to believe it, if man learn we're not here to
you don't wish. Neither do you destroy but to create?
have to believe in breathing. 0
However, what you believe or there such a
refuse to believe isn't going DEAR LOUIS -- Was lace as Atlantis and Lemuria?
to make very many important
changes in the universe's laws. óM. W., canton, Ohio.

And that includes reincarna- yes, there was such a place
tion. And karma. ó Trah Nika. -- and it was a culture of high