Volume 7, Issue 10, page 12

Gene, a traveling companion, and I were
making an auto trip across the continent, back
in 1926 when there were few roads, and what
few there were were mostly bad. We had gotten
as far as Oregon, and camped for the night in
a hamlet named Powder River. We decided we
could go no further without a few days' rest.

An elderly citizen suggested Wolf Creek as
an ideal spotónice and quiet, few people,
good water, plenty of shade and plenty of room.
There were a few things he neglected to mention.

The first night we became acquainted with
the porcupines. They seemed ravenously hungry,
and were fond of camp equipmentóespecially
table legs. Coyotes welcomed us wholeheartedly, yapping their serenade the long night thru.
Now and then a mountain lion would contribute
a terrifying scream.

We had been there a week or ten days and
this was to be our last night. It was pitch
black, with nothing but the embers of our camp
fireóleft burning to discourage unwelcome
visitorsóto relieve the darkness. We had gone
to bed and were asleep, when xe were awakened
by a shout. "Hey, you folks in there," came
the voice, "we need you to search for a lost
boy. Want to help?"
The missing boy was one of three children
who lived with his parents ina shack that held
together only by a miracle. A searching party,
frustrated by darkness, returned to the house
just as we got there, and we entered together.
There were few chairs, and most of us sat on
the hard-packed dirt floor.

A large range, in which a fire burned merrily, was losing the battle against the cold
that came thru cracks in the wall and unglazed
windows. A small coal-oil lamp flickered from
its place on a three-legged table, which used
a box for the fourth leg. A shepherd bitch
contentedly gave suck to a litter of pups in
front of the fire.

For some time previous, Gene and I had been
experimenting with hypnotic phenomena, particularly in the field of clairvoyance and projection of the astral. Here, I thought, would
be an opportune time to put our experiments to breakfast. After striking camp, we went back
practical use. to the little shack to see whether the boy had
I explained to those present what I had in been found. He had. The men had gone into the
mind, and then put Gene to sleep. He went into mountain, at the point indicated by Gene, and
a deep trance without difficulty and then I found the child sleeping peacefully and unexplained what was expected of him. I do not harmed between two huge boulders.
know if this procedure is correct, but it We were well rewarded for our services. The
brought results. eldest boy gave us one of the shepherd pups.

I told Gene his astral was about to leave
his body to hunt for a lost boy. I had him (CONTINUED
open his eyes and then showed him a picture of H W " GARDNER FROM PAGE 11)
the lad. "Now, Gene, I commanded, "go find him." Thyr Athereal Ships Are Clearly The SemypetriFor a tew minutes, except for the crackling fied Minds Thyr Churches Produce, You Just Need
of the burning wood, and the whimper of the lo Observe Thyr Carnival Like Pomp And Cirkumpups, there was silence. Then Gene began to stance Farce Thy Work And Perform For Them,
speak. And Thyr Jowling Heaven Will Finish What Mind
"I have walked thru the woods," he said, Thy Got Left, Moost Of That 0 /spe Like The
"and have come out on an old dirt road. I am Bible Is Pure Huy,
turning right and am looking for tracks. There Well I Think That Will Hold You For Awhile
they are, the print of little feet." He became Mybe To The Boiling Point, No, Dont Believe
quiet. Anything I Sayd In Here, Just Think And Analice
" Go on, Gene," I urged. For Yourselves As I Did For At Least 60 Jears.
"I lost the tracks," he explained, "but I
have found them again. They lead to a wooden Some states send "smarter "persons to their
bridge over a creek. The rails have fallen on asylums than they elect to the Legislature.
12 The ABERREE MARCH, 1961
This feature is open to readers who can
do and do do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telakinesis,, thought reading,
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing,
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were "different"? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your "facts" will prove nothing
óexcept that so-called "science-fiction"
writers are kidding somebodyómaybe only the
editors of so-called "science-fiction"books.
one side but the boy is not in the creek."
"How do you know?" I asked.
"Because," he explained, reasonably enough,
" I have found his tracks on the other side of
the bridge." Again he was silent, and I glanced
at the audience. Some seemed incredulous, some
frightened, as if they were unwilling participants with the devil at a voodoo session. The
eldest boy was nodding his head.
"Now," Gene continued, "I have come across
something bad. I see the tracks of a big cat
along with those of the boy... No harm done...
The boy turned off the road...The other tracks
go on... I have lost them in the hard stony
ground... There are no more tracks... no more
tracks." Gene definitely was thru, so I recalled him.

Guided by the eldest boy, who seemed thoroly familiar with the terrain Gene had described, we resumed the search. Guided by lanterns, we found the road, the tracks of the
boy and beast, and the broken railed bridge.
We found where the boy had left the road, and
here the men decided-to wait for dawn before
hunting further.

Suddenly, the mother started screaming:
"Virgil! Virgil!" Her frantic cry echoed and
re-echoed. I shivered. Fortunately, her husband was able to quiet her and take her home.

Gene and I returned to our camp, but since
the night was almost spent, we brewed a cup of
strong coffee to keep us awake and had our