Volume 7, Issue 10, page 17

will be drastically increased.
But it will still be trivial
compared to the cost of psychiatry and psychoanalysis.
''Replying to 'Infinite 20':
Long before-'Thru mighty Temple
Doors' was published, my attorneys sent AMORC attorneys a
complete transcript of the
section exposing AMORC. We received a rather lengthy, pained
unhappy acknowledgement that I
probably could legally publish
this material. If 'Infinite 20'
will read the 1564 large pages
of 'The Rosicrucian Fraternity in America' by R. Swinburne Clymer, available in
most large libraries, he will
find himself much more enlightened as to the real nature of
AMORC than he is at present.
Reports from disillusioned
former Rosicrucians are about
90'X, in accord with the statements in my book.
"Now, I'm not entirely sure
whether Max Long is happy or
unhappy about my referring to
kahunaism in Max's own tern,
'hung'. I couldn't afford to
use much space in 'Thru Mighty
Temple Doors' on this specific
subject. As compared to 'kahunaism' the word 'huna' saved
five letters worth of paper
and ink. In his piece in The
ABERREE, Max concludes on a
different subject altogether;
that is, concerning his not
getting any results from some
sort of taped recordings he
tried. Our files disclose that
we have never made a personalized recording for Max. We've
had persons come from as far
as Washington, D. C., bringing
with them worthless bootleg
tapes they've had made somewhere. The president of one of
America's largest sleep-teaching concerns has sold out, and
is now trying to organize a
national corporation to instruct in the making of personalized tapes on a large
scale, as he has been convinced our personalized recordings are incomparably superior to his previous product.
A bumbling hodgepodge of stuff
on a magnetic tape will not
impress anybody's subconscious
nor will it bring out any
psychical 'manna', as Max calls