Volume 5, Issue 10, page 14

will power. Hence a person of ments that are storms or earthsufficient knowledge and aware- quakes of real advance and
ness of the mind and body pos- chemical change, the client
sessing the desire to correct+ will have to heal himself, or
inharmonies should be able to work it out where ahigher freuse N-Stress effectively. I go quency level is attained. I
on record now stating Burks certainly would not care to
will be very effective with N- live in this sort of a body or
Stress, plus his red hands. this kind of a planet thruout
"Your red hands work on eternity, but what we see here
concept of repolarizing af- is a body changing by an inner
flitted areas thru strong action, and the planet also is
energy flows. Persistent cases changing which is continually
that resist localized curing being verified. Religion has
should automatically call for set up a sort of 'fixation' of
the application of the red a sudden change, but science
hands to the patient's head to reports a gradual change and
repolarize negative patterns, man is driving into new states
which keep undoing what local- of understanding.. .
ized treatments have corrected. "Very nice article of KrisGet the concept, Mr. Burks, ty's. He keeps batting away at
and your red hands may turn the script but the truth is in
out to be better than the N- it. Needs plenty of fixing,
Stress gadget. Try bopping *ho...
with red hands." -- Infinite 20
"Slight error in article:
.. the law in the soul field
is known (not unknowns'. Hardly makes any difference, I
guess, for the follow-up covers
well enough.
"The article on hand-prints
very interesting. Does it prove
bodies are becoming cosmic ray
active? Magnetism, electricity,
energies, life flows -- there is
such a vast field of volumes
and intensities, and long ago
the scientists said man was
becoming a light. This is not
an always was, but a definite
progression, like the registrations of the cosmic ray outside the body, starting weak
at_first and becoming steadily
stronger and more penetrating.
The body is manifesting new
energies, it is changing, it
is entering into a real life
condition. And, in time, it
vill become aknowing body, not
an insensate thing responding
only to functional vibrations.
"Book review on 'The Practice of Yoga' very good. Hardly any limit to the vast explorations that can be made in
the extensive wastelands of
the mental-physical realm.
"'Hit 'Em Between the Eyes'
is something...Finally we have
arrived at the top sign, the
head sign, Judah. Have been
punching at the neck between
Sidon, the shoulders, and Issachar, the neck and lower face.

The 'Hole-in-One' of Palmer. strict wide-open investigation
When the body gets to the place and study of Zoe's ability
where it will re-act, someone would be firmly frowned upon,
finds a way to make it re-act. both by this gifted couple and
As the e light increases, the the study group that has
shadow recedes and new things formed around them.
are revealed. There is some
"The Nickersons are inter"Seems the drive to bring ested in everybody and everythe body up from these sub- thing and have obviously disnormal ailments is very strong. covered the key,to instant comBut when we get into the ail- munication. Even without Zoe's ,
We have suffered many
things which were the growing
pains of becoming mature. The
long centuries (how aware are
you they were long?) of ripening are over, and now the impetus of fast action is here,
we are being born into a nes
and higher frequency of life.
There is no use judging by the
slow action of the past, for
this is no measuring stick for
the future. Just as well look
for the new, get ready to live
and forget about dying, for,
in all probability, you cannot.
With no effort at all you can
let go of this thought form of
the dead. Enough levity and
you will not be lowered, so,
why be serious?" -- Wayne Trubshaw, Marysville, Wash.
"Following up your suggestion, Ernest and I drove over
to Newark, Del., to meet Zoe
and George Nickerson. We found
them such an interesting, inspired, and sincere couple that
we were delighted to be asked
back to their home where we
saw Zoe give two of her remarkable 'readings'.
"While many of her admirers
.peak of her as the successor
to Edgar Cayce or otherwise
compare her psychic ability
with various 'seers', I was
quite struck with the tactful
manner in which they veer away
from any sort of label or comparison. It is my impression
that any type of label or comparison that might tend to rer -- 1"Come Ye Out...", just
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NARCH, 1959