Volume 6, Issue 10, page 15

be such things as psychic periscopes, X-ray machines, microscopes, telescopes, etc., to
extend the normal vision. For
example, seeing things thru
another person' s viewpoint,if
he is an accurate and reliable
reporter of what he sees, can
be a sort of periscope so that
one can see around his own
blind spots. Or, by putting a
theory between yourself and
the light, you might be able
to 'see thru it' if it turns
out to be 'pretty thin'. Also,
by concentrating on a very
small area of research at a
time, each detail can be blown
up and examined more fully and
observed more accurately.
"So maybe this is some of
what is involved in using the
equipment we have, as human
beings, and learning to focus
it better. If we do not get
lost in a little corner and
think we have seen it all,
we'll be willing to keep our
visual apparatus flexible so
that we can see near and far,
and so continue to grow in
awareness of all that is'.' --
Florence Worrell, Saratoga,
"The views expressed by
Ruby a n d Burt Essex in the
January issue is based on ignorance. The Bible and many
ancient writings testify to
the fact that dissipation of
sexual fluid is the road to
"The sexual fluid supplies
the light and life of the body.
When the sexual fluid is retained it is transmuted into
blood -- fresh blood -- that helps
to regenerate mind and body.
Within the next ten days I
will publish a book giving the
facts based on the writings of
ancient philosophers . They hid
the knowledge in mystical language. They believed that such
knowledge was not for the sensual masses. It is the most
precious knowledge known to
mankind because it is knowledge of how to add life to the
"Ruby and Burt Essex are
also wrong about bowel movements. The vast majority of
people are too hasty in emptying their bowels....
"The best way to prevent
and cure mental ailments and
cancer is by transmuting the
sexual fluid into blood." --
Morris Katzen, Cooks Falls,
AT. Y.

But the suggestions inherent
in Scientological processing
are not classical hypnotism.
they operate at a subtler level. Also, Ido not see how what
the preclear does in session
can be isolated from what he
does outside. As for his statement, 'If the book Dianetics
is read carefully one can find
that L. Ron Hubbard has stated
that these states do occur
because they are brought up
from the past'. Evidently, Mr.
Ross believes that if Mr. Hubbard says a thing is so that
makes it so . This is a hypnotic suggestion many Scientologists seem to have accepted.
"The enclosed is a response
to Idella Stone's article. I
have a high respect for her,
and hope this may clarify matters a bit