Volume 6, Issue 10, page 14

tinuous stream of negatives,
time and space would dissolve,
as concepts , since there would
then have been no discontinuity. While creating the fog to
get time and space for myself,
I finally got into my own creation, and my own time-track
became foggy.
"There were some fine freefor-alls in our hotel room
after the lectures and co-auditing, and some really free
communication. A top-bracket
auditor was willing to apologize for breaking ARC (Affinity -Reality -Communication)
with someone who wanted to express an 8th Dynamic consideration. This is GOOD ! This IS
communication, and not a
"If 'What part of your past
could you be responsible for?'
be hypnotism , then it is the
healthiest approach I have ever
read about. With just this one
question to ask, green auditors sat feeling quite some
degree of certainty. All they
were responsible for at the
time was question, and acknowledgment of answer. They
confronted quite some cases ."
-- Alberta Elliott, Greenville,
S. Car.
"In reply to Mr. Jacob Apsel I think his remark that
'God presents Himself to anyone who may know Him as a
beautiful personality, warm
and sincere,' is the best short
description I have ever read.
"Most people have had some
sort of experience of this
kind. However, the crowning
experience in the fully conscious mind , which some of us
call 'awakening', and the Japanese 'satori', is not so common by any means.
"Some of us are anxious and
beholden to help others to
this awakening. We are no more
'highly evolved' than Mr. Ap.el and our method is pure
"People however hesitate to
work with any of us because
they want the very miracles
and marvels as proof, which
they, like Mr. Apsel, so energetically and wisely dislike
and disbelieve.
"This is very sad because
they are crying aloud f o r
something which is easily
within their reach and freely
offered to them. Even you, Mr.
Editor and my valued friend,
are one of these.
"I do not know the way to
overcome this impasse, but
there are many in this country
(and others) who were discriminating and 'ready' enough to
take the small chance in which
they had nothing to lose and
God to win. Some of these were
successful and their gratitude
is beyond all words, others
are changed and happy as 'work'
"The plain truth is that
many people, by using a cloud
of words 'about it and about',
conceal the fact that they do
not REALLY want to find God."
-- Alfred R.Pulyan, South Kent,
"Loved the 'Shaggy Dog'
cover on the Jan.-Feb. issue
of ABERREE. I see it your way.
Us a b e r rated critters just
never seem to be able to break
away from each other, do we?
"Found Jacob Apsel 's 'No
Masters -- in Heaven Nor on
Earth' quite thought provoking. If any 'man' knows all ,
then it could be that: He would
know that he was God, who
knows all; or he would know
that he was a man, made in the
image of God who knows all; or
he would know that he 'knew
all' only in certain periods
of illumination, during which
he seemed to be more than a
man, the memory of what he
'knew' becoming slightly foggy
upon returning to the consciousness of being a mere man;
and there are probably other
ways .
"Should a man know that he
is God, and proclaim it, other
men would plague him with their
continual attempts to disprove
it (f or quite a variety of
reasons) -- and while appearing
in a material form in a.temporal universe , he would have
little time to do whatever he
was here to do . So he would
have to be silent and know
that he was God and tell no
man .
"Should a man know that he
was 'man made in the image of
God who knows all 'and proclaim
this, he would have to acknowledge that all men are his
equal in knowledge and that he
has nothing whatsoever to teach
them that they do not already
know for themselves. So he
would remain silent.
"Should a man know that he
'knew all' only during a period of illumination and attempt to proclaim what he knew,
it would soon become obvious
that he was not able to convey
to others what he was not even
able to bring back with him to
his ordinary state of consciousness. So he would remain
silent .
"Perhaps Jacob Apsel, who
has looked so long for a 'Master' and found none in Heaven
nor on Earth, has not looked
among the silent ones, who go
about their business of doing,
proclaiming nothing, and hoping

no one will recognize them.
(Since I am having all this to
say, that lets me out.) When
they are recognized, they will
not deny their aid to one who
needs it and asks for it . (I
know this from experience for
I have received the directions
that I needed and asked for on
several occasions.)
"Since the giving of this
assistance sometimes causes
the one who has mastered certain problems to take considerable time off from his doing, he wants to be sure that
the effort is directed where
it will bear fruit (and being
wise, he knows when this is
so ). Also , this master would
be sure to admonish the seeker
to 'go and tell no man' so that
he would not be overwhelmed by
others who heard about him --
and so his student would not
go off half-cocked, meeting an
early defeat at the hands of
those who would challenge his
half - learned knowledge and
question his changed actions,
thoughts, responses, etc., before he had the confidence and
ability to defend them, or to
ignore what was said, knowing
within himself that this was
his way, right for him, tho not.
necessarily for all others.
"If someone recognizes (for
himself) a Master , he would
then, and only then, be able to
use whatever aid this Master
could give. There would be no
point, however, in recommending him to all his friends
whose values may be different.
This would be neither fair to
his Master nor his friends.
"'Knowing God' is more a
learning to bring God into focus, as Jacob Apsel says in
his l a s t sentence. I agree
with him here, wholeheartedly.
It is not because we are intellectual morons that we are
not more aware of God. It is
that we are still babes in another respect, having not yet
learned to focus our spiritual
perceptions so that we may see
"To me, getting 'on the
path' is just clearing the atmosphere so that greater opportunities for recognition
are present. We would still
have to learn to focus the
equipment we have to get a
clear picture; and we would
have to point our spiritual
eyes in the right direction if
we are to see God, which would
mean looking everywhere, not
just where you THINK (intellectually) that He may be. And
where is this vantage point
from which all can be seen
more clearly?
"So far I can see best
from where I am, but there may
MARCH, 1960