Volume 6, Issue 10, page 11

what is going on? -- C.L., Salt it. Maybe a tighter girdle
bake City, Utah. would help.
and flagrantly violated by so many. Here we
can read two poetic outlines of Man's history
together with the force laws in his universe
written by poets among the few, which could
hardly be surpassed in sublime understanding.

A million stars decide the place
Of any single star in space,
And tho they draw in divers urys,
The star in steady orbit stays;
And tho contrariwise they draw,
They all are followers of the law --
In fact they find in mutual strife
The equilibrium of life.

They find an unanimity,
Agreeing all to disagree;
And when they wish to peg their tether
They pull in every way together.

Moral: The remedy for schism
Is universal egotism.

Spawn he was in the steamy mire,
Fins he was in the primal sea,
Wings he was in the feathered choir,
Or ever he came a man to be.

Of dead the mountain peaks are built,
Of dead the soil, of dead the silt --
The dead that led the way to him
Thru shell and claw to brain and limb
In very thought, in every part,
Made is he of a million slain,
Blood of the dead is in his heart,
Dreams of the dead are in his brain.

The time has come when Man can no longer
live in the shadow of two great fears -- one
apparent and the other real. The choice can
only be"God"arMhn. If "God" survives, Man
must perish. Should he continue i n s u c h a
blindly determined and suicidal decision, we
may well ask who shall be here to appraise
that long Passion in uncountable stations,
ending in a crucifixion on the mountain top of
believing folly, and where the entire family
of Man may be engulfed in one single sentence,

Let us hope that future years may silence
that pathetic voice, calling in tragic bewilderment down thru these so-long dark ages:
"Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief".

Hope, like TIME, is ETERNAL. (The End.)
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