Volume 6, Issue 10, page 16

content'. Now the auditor -- if
not the preclear -- is operating
on the belief that the engram
phenomena is actually the recording of a real incident,
and that the phrases produced
are the recordings of statements actually made by persons
in the incident. But let's
suspend this belief, for the
moment, and look objectively
at what is actually happening.
You really don't know where
the phrases are coming from.
Some might come from a real
incident; others !right be produced by imagination; still
others might be produced by
previous verbal and non-verbal
suggestions of the auditor, of
which he is unaware. But two
things are observable: (1) The
phrases do occur; (2) The preclear immediately responds to
the phrases as suggestions.
Here is another sign of increased suggestibility.
''I am sure that, as a preclear, you were always 'able
to reject any so-called " suggestion " which I felt was not
right for me'. The man who
opened the window under a posthypnotic command Was equally
sure he did it for analytical
reasons. If you were in a state
of hypnosis you would not be
aware of it -- and neither would
your auditor if he were unaware of the suggestions inherent in processing that I
described above. This would
especially be true if you had
accepted (thru reading a n d
training) the suggestion that
processing did not induce hypnosis.
"Let's look at another
angle, from DickFojut's letter
in the Jan-Feb. ABERREE. Dick
says, 'When Ron gave the Radiation Congress in '56, he surprised all of us present with
the statement that processes
which worked in 1950 did not
work in 1951! He then proceeded to tell us that new processes
developed each year thereafter
worked in the year developed --
but failed to work each succeeding year -- all the way up
to present time!'
"This is exactly what one
would expect on the hypothesis
that followers of Hubbard were
in a state of chronic hypnosis. This could be spelled out
in detail, but we don't need
to here.
"Fojut goes on to report
that Hubbard attributed this
to radiation poisoning, and
'He gave us a "cheap" (?) way
to overcome, in our bodies and
banks, the increasing pollution of the atmosphere with
radiation " Dianezine " (which
my wife and I diligently used
4 or 5 months as per instruc
"'Everywhere we looked auditors and preclears were complaining about "spinning" from
that "dirty radiation "...Then
Ron ... admitted there was no
great radiation pollution...'
"I understand, Idella, that
one who believes hypnotism
does harm, and who has conscientiously tried to avoid
positive suggestions and an
authoritarian manner, would
dislike the idea that she had
been inadvertently inducing
hypnosis without realizing it.
Yet isn't it better to know
the truth -- even if it hurts at
"Actually, please note that
I am not saying processing is
BAD, or that it does not help
some people. On the contrary,
I specifically said, 'the fact
remains that some people are
helped'. I am simply trying to
bring out a point of basic importance: Scientological processing thru suggestions inherent in its techniques induces
a state of hypnosis in the
preclear. It is basically a
modified form of hypnotherapy.
"Surely this is worth knowing. How many hundreds of preclears have spent thousands of
hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in a state of
hypnosis believing they were
"Please note that Art Coulter isn't the only one who
says or has said that processing induces hypnosis. Dr. J.A.
Winter said it. James Welgos
says it. Volney Mathison says
it, too. And many others.
"Why not submit the matter
to a scientific test such as
I suggested? Get an impartial
hypnotist, have an auditor give
processing for awhile, and then
let the hypnotist, working thru
the auditor without the knowledge of the preclear, test the
suggestibility of the preclear.
"My prediction: At least 7
out of 10 preclears will show
increased suggestibility.
"'As Jim Welgos says : 'If a
man is strongly influenced by
words, you can tell him that
he is not going to be hypnotized and then go ahead and
hypnotize him and he will go
away feeling that he wasn't
hypnotized.' I believe that
nearly everyone who has had
processing has been under hypnosis without knowing it -- because he has accepted the suggestion that hypnosis is not
"I believe the time has
come to pull that suggestion
and take a look at what has
actually been happening." -- Art
Coulter, Columbus, Ohio.

"Open letter to Art Coulter. Dear Art:
"Frankly, Art, I feel that
my own investigations of hypnotism AND Syne-rgetics, in
line with my four years' study
of Dianetics and Scientology
(actually, 10 of Dianetics),
have given me more understanding of these subjects than you
seem to have of Scientology.
And on that basis I feel that
any debate about Scientology
with you would be rather
pointless, even wereI not too
busy with a very heavy schedule for 1960 to enter into a
debate with anybody.
"I am sure that you will
understand and wish you well."
-- I key Stone, Sierra Madre,