Volume 6, Issue 10, page 8

who live and die unnoticed by other than their
immediate family and friends. Also, some operating thetans must have been around long before Scientology in order to understand enough
to create a " phony mock-up" that remains more
real than most persons alive today—including
the mud-slingers.

There is no denying that many capabilities
have been recovered thru such as Scientology
and similar fields of releasing theta ability,
and some persons can do some pretty marvelous
EEMS some so-called enlightened present-day healing, "clearing", and other therapeutic and
characters, drunk with a bit of knowledge ability-level raising. Which is good. But let
us not get carried away and deny the realities
that are encompassed in religious fields.

Long before Christianity, there were miracles, and in the days of Christianity's birth
throes, miracles were not too rare. Down thru
the ages to present time there are occasions
of miraculous events that reach the pages of
the newspapers. So, who is trying to kid whom?
Modern discoveries and methods are not unique,
they are the rediscoveries of phenomena of the
past, and in spite of technological developments of the present day -- sputniks, rockets to
the moon, and all—theta abilities are still
far short of those attributed to Jesus.

Jesus lived by faith, coveting nothing -- not
money, not power, not prestige -- nor did he try
to capitalize on his abilities. He merely demonstrated the complete independence possible
to those with stamina enough to follow in his
footsteps. His apostles performed many feats
of healing thru self-sacrifice dedicated to
the truths passed on without benefit of a-meters, auditing sessions, and such. He told his
disciples to go to certain places and certain
things would be there for their usage. He
brought Lazarus back to life. He cured by
touch. He paid the tax with a coin taken from
a fish's mouth, and fed a multitude on a few
fishes and some loaves of bread. Are these not
theta abilities? Who can duplicate them? He
ness with God, loving of thine enemies, etc. had no fancy robes, awe-inspiring structures,
Point is that religious distortions of the organizations to advertise and sell his wares.
message of love, peace, harmony, and forgive- He lived mostly in the open and even controllness have, thru orthodoxy, creeds, and dogmas, ed the weather to calm the fears of his preobscured the truer meanings of his words, clear apostles.
deeds, and life goals. Today, you will find the closest approach
Jesus as a man was quite human, tho highly to his type of Christianity in the liberal redeveloped in intellect and ability. The Christ ligions -- not the dogmatic creed-ridden ones.
Spirit is an awareness level recognized in They, too, have a purpose; having created abmany religions prior to Christianity—and is errations, fears, etc., thru promulgation of
related to an awareness of the divinity of fearsome creeds, dogmas, and postulations, they
God. Today's mystics, spiritualists, and oc- have to be responsible for their own acts. This
cultists call it "Cosmic Consciousness", or is not bad in itself, for many persons are
something associated with the super-conscious, born who need such aberrations to keep them in
Scientology, or any other similar field of line so that we can have some degree of order
thought, has not, to my knowledge, any term to in society. There are better ways of handling
designate this consciousness. It is covered in individuals, but not on a mass scale. It still
theta, super-theta, or Eighth Dynamic data, in is the job of religion, psychology, psychingeneralizations. try, and the numerous metaphysical schools to
An "operating thetan" (the apparent top deal with persons who are too aberrated to
goal of Scientology exercises) would surely play a rational game of living.
know about this consciousness, and since there Liberal religions, like Unitarians, Univeris no definition floating around the field to salists, Unity, etc., are more Christian in
cover it, it is obvious that the characters who scope by the methods of their ministrations to
like to throw rocks are neither operating the- the masses, than are the strict orthodox retans nor do they understand what super-theta ligions. This can be seen easily by anyone who
abilities are, in relation to the theta/MEST wishes to compare the way Jesus lived and
game level . taught in contrast to the.strict dogmatism of
Instant healing, plus all the attributes some denominations. Jesus was specific, not
demonstrated by this operating thetan called strict in the sense that he insisted, coerced,
Jesus, are definite.enough proof of his status, or otherwise forced his concepts on others. He
and if those who wish to pass him off as a offered the truths, and those who chose of
mythical character would stop and think, they +teir own free will to accept could.
surely would realize that a mock-up of a per- Liberal religions do not establish church
sonality which has lasted 2,000 years is much structures for awesome impressiveness, but for
more real on the reality level than thetans function and atmosphere of light, beauty, and

picked up in some so-called school of
thought or mental sciences, enjoy taking a
man called Jesus over the hurdles by indicating that some of his actions were either aberrated or the result of some aberrated
views held by him, as reported in Biblical

Wonder how many of these characters will be
remembered for the next couple generations, to
say nothing of a couple thousand years. Wonder
Also how many of these characters are able to
demonstrate instant healing, raising the dead,
feeding multitudes, or demonstrating even one
of the miraculous events attributed to the man

Was he psychotic ? Was he aberrated? Or was
he what Scientologists call "an operating thetan " giving a practical demonstration, by
words and actions, of the theta-MEST (more
Scientology nomenclature, meaning thought/material -- Matter, Energy, Space, Time) universe,
to back up his postulations, parables, and
directions on the rules of the game of life?
He has been accused of being aberrated for
cursing the barren fig tree so that it withered and died. Perhaps this was his way of
demonstrating that he held the powers of life
and death -- powers which he did not exercise
against those who later crucified him, thus
validating his teachings on forgiveness, one