Volume 6, Issue 10, page 13

this kind could be held without the necessity of dragging
the body along?...
¶ News of the death in
Phoenix early in January of
George F. Petersen came as a
surprise and shock to us, but
neither George nor his wife,
Helen, were much at writing
letters so we didn't even know
he'd been ill. Many of the oldtimers in Dianetics and Scientology will remember George as
vice president of the Hubbard
Association of Scientologists
when it was located in Phoenix,
and an untiring worker in behalf of the movement. In fact,
George lithographed many of
Hubbard's books -- all of the 50
Summary Course Lecture booklets,"What to Audit", the $25
edition of "Scientology 88",
etc. -- carrying the organization " on the cuff" for long
periods when he, himself, was
having difficulty raising money to pay for the paper and
materials used in Scientology's behalf...
¶ Scientologists who knew
Marcus Tooley when he was one
of the foremost U.S. auditors,
will be interested in a note
he appended to a Christmas
card to The ABERREE: "1959 has
been quite an eventful year in
Sydney. First, we won our actions against the yellow press.
Secondly, we split completely
with Mr. (L.Ron) Hubbard. And
thirdly, our place is splitting at the seams with about
400 students currently enrolled and half a dozen fulltime auditors " Sounds like a
wonderful place to go for anyone interested in using Scientology instead of being retreaded...
getting 'clear' meant 'coming
clean'. Admitting to one's
overts and withholds against
the 8 Dynamics. The question,
'What part of this incident
could you be responsible for?'
puts the individual on the
cause level.
"It was really inspiring to
see several hundred individuals facing each other and
answering to, `What part of
your past could you be responsible for?' This question (muzzled auditing) brought on
quite some reactions. Explosions, sions, crying, laughing, moans,
engrains, etc. I would have
benefitted by moving up and
down the lines and observing
the individuals, but I also
benefitted by taking my own
look-see. Would have liked to

"I have also been ' tnru the observe, to note how many
mill' of all the cults, etc., dealt with concepts (bunches
and after many years of life of incidents) rather than inexperiences have found a `Mid- cidents in which they had acdle Path' best as most practi- cepted that they had been viccal to follow. For instance, I timized. The communication lag
used to feel renunciation of in some cases was something.
all worldly goods was essen- ,who me?', 'Responsible?'., As
tial to spiritual quest -- and they assumed some responsiin the end, now I renounce re- bility, crack ! and away they
nunciation even! People of our would go.
era got sick of ceremonials in "It was also remarkable to
religion -- but I got sick of so have so many people in varying
much talk against anything of physical-emotional conditions
religious or ceremonial fla- willing to accept or be convor. And so it goes -- the kids fronted with YOU DID IT, and
always rebel to parents' by- only you can UN-DID it, by
words." -- J. Lovewisdom, Otav- confronting and, gradient
alo, Ecuador. scale, being responsible for
"You no doubt will get a part of wt.

I saw how I created time

few reports on the last Con- and space for myself by creatgress (Scientology), but here ing tunnels of fog and at the
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"This was a Diogenetic Con- reversed telescope) one bright
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lantern, and the statement that was drooped back into the conDonations to the Lending
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and scattered tribe of citi the past -and they went to
zens known as "Anonymous ". Max ¶ In the December ABERREE, their graves unhonored and unj,ong sent us his new book , too , we printed a page, "This Is sung -- just as there have been
but we're not putting it in bat Happened", relating two some sincere textualists with
the Library until we've had a incidents that come under the the same post -existence ratchance to try some of the ex- classification of "phenomena ". ing. As for us, we're much
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¶ One of our friends, who butions that this might be trying to solve the mystery of
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is why we end up with only a no defense from mere man; if very well say it did, can we?