Volume 6, Issue 10, page 17

an ignorance of both subjects. the spoilers, the Romans? That nounces the authorities (selfLike material science he seems is what the world needs, not styled, so-called, genuine and
to base his articles on pure ridicule. That is far from otherwise) who peddle, promulassumptions and builds up from enough. gate, or advocate various rethere. Like the big astronom- "I wrote recently saying I ligions, systems, isms, cults,
ers among whom it is very had gotten off your soapbox. or what-have-you.
hard to find any two who can But I stand 100% for the Inner "He makes some good points,
agree, there seems to be the Church of Christ, the Christ but in so doing he assumes
idea of big man, big talk, no of the ages, and I will not that he is an 'authority' with
savvy, and even goes farther let pass unnoticed the attempt no more proof that he is so
than that, he assumes to speak of any to tear down without than those whom he condemns
for us all. 'What is truth, putting something better in had and have.
might as well ask why are we its place for consideration. If "He has 'been searching for
here, the answer is the same; we do not know why we are here, "Masters" both in Heaven and
we don't know.' The personal I then we could give some thought on Earth' and has found none.
perhaps would have been less to becoming responsible be- He has found no Masters on
assuming. And perhaps if he ings. 'A saddle for the horse, Earth because -- as yet -- he has
asked some school boy they a bridle for the ass, and a rod not attained to that level of
could give him quite a few good for the fool's back.' If the consciousness. It is an old
answers. Perhaps we are here hat fits any, let them wear truism (and it is true) that
first of alI to help each oth- it. And while the Bible as is 'when the individual is ready,
er. Perhaps again we are here is the product of Constantine the Master appears'.
to be responsible beings, and and the Rcmans, the records "If he has found no Masters
perhaps we are here to hold to they defiled are not. There in 'Heaven', then his Heaven
high ideals rather than tear were wiser men beyond Dr. must be on a very low plane.
them down. Clark's comprehension. In the first place, how do we