Volume 6, Issue 10, page 5

HERE are some things so true that no ies would become purified by them and beamount of proof can make them more come bodies of Love and Light.
true; yet to those who do not fol- The problem is how to awaken the sleeplow the higher forms of thinking, ing soul. "The Soul that sinneth it shall
it becomes almost impossible to ex- die." The Soul that remains asleep replain or verify them. mains so only because it continues to
The love between a man and a sin. And ignorance is never an excuse.
woman is at first thrillingly per- How, then, can the soul stop sinning? It
sonal. Gradually it becomes healingly impersonal, and yet nevertheless the need for thrillingly personal
love still remains. As nothing in our
lives remains static, this love between
man and woman takes active thought and
planning if it is to remain over a lifetime, satisfying one to the other. This
personal relationship between man and
woman is electric, the impersonal relationship is magnetic. More exactly, the
personal is electronic and the impersonal
is magnetronic, and both are necessary in
order to fashion the " electro-magnetic "
instrument that is needed for universal
healing, thru consciously directed lovecurrents.

The primary love-current (or life-current) that flows in closed circuit within
the Electronic Dynamo or Power Center is
a current that flows by contact or conduction. The secondary current that flows
between the Electronic Dynamo or Power
Center, and the masses of humanity, flows
by radiation, or induction. This induced
current flows from the central Dynamo or
Power Center out to all mankind and gradually to all levels of creation, even to
the uttermost confines of the universe.
From there it flows back again to the
center -- the Living Godhead.

All this may seem somewhat complex but
it is not when it is actually worked out.
Until we all learn our bodies are electric -- know it and then believe it (and
can stop sinning only if it starts loving.

The difficulty is that the soul thinks
it is already loving. It thinks it is already awake. It is not aware of its lovelessness, nor will it accept the fact of
its unlivingness. Until the soul has been
quickened to love God, it remains forsaken by mankind and it cannot possibly love
anyone else. "Thou shalt love God...thou
shalt love Thy Neighbor" is not a command (a command which no one has ever yet
been able to obey!), but is a promise
which will be fulfilled for everyone. Let
us know the Beloved will some day enable
us to love Him truly and thereby also
enable us to love our Neighbor.

As long as we think He has already
done so, He cannot do so, so the first
thing that He -- the Lover -- will do is
awaken us to know that the Soul is totally
asleep. Only when we know that we are
asleep can we truly look to the Christ
Love for the rebirth. We then know that
the greatest power in the universe is the
power that enables us to submit to others
-- to all, to some, to one Specific One.
And the greatest glory is the glory of
submission. We then have the power thereby to love one another, and specifically
to awaken our neighbor to this love. It
is then the glory of the submission of
the soul to its Beloved Lord that shines
forth thru and from the body and makes it
radiant until it has become a body filled
this we will not actually see, because with Love and Light.
the vibrations are too high for the human TRUTH AND SEEMS