Volume 6, Issue 10, page 7

Condensed from his "Eternal Time'. All rights reserved.

Part III
AN'S REGAIN of knowingness in cognition of who he is, what he is
and where he is -- but never why he
is -- can only be experienced on
his arduous climb thru the scale
from " mystery " to "know ". No verbal explanatory communication can
ever in any way convey this experience.

Many volumes have been written
describing ecstatic sensation in various
exercises of religious ritual, transcendental sensation included; these sensations are all activated from the variable
swing in action within the one-tenth of
retained free static while in a life
action. The varying and ever-present consciousness of this free static, having
total potentiality in its own totality,
leads to the conviction so often expressed in theological debate, "I feel sure
there is someone or something above us
all, and guiding all this." Such a statement is virtually quite true, but is not
true to state that this someone or something is a "God" complete with great
white throne, ballets of angels, and last
but by no means least, the vials of wrath!
Any sensation resulting from indoctrinated
stimulus in believing captivity and having its
originating impulse in the reactive bank, has
no comparable magnitude with the experience of
escape into the freedom of knowingness, when
the reactive bank can be accepted or rejected
on decision, and when these age-long chains in
belief have been severed. Then, and then only,
can a man say, "Mine eyes have seen the glory
of Life"rather than"the glory of the Lord".

For the first time in history, the fabric
of superstition, so persistently woven to
maintain every generation of Man in bondage,
is assailable and can be superseded. The
truthful light of knowingness can guide the
family of Man into his rightful heritage of
freedom. We need not remain in this witches'
cauldron with its terrible brew of religious
superstition and political ideology, and in
which we have so greatly lampooned the title
"Cultural Society We must change ourselves
before we can change our course, and the
statement so universally accepted that "You
cannot change human nature " can now be exposed
as the lie it has always been. Human nature
can be changed! in the present, a marked inability in differThe pathway to knowingness has given birth ential analyses when confronted with all the
to its own breed of nonconformist whose par- bewildering confusion of madness and intellecticular " game " was so ably described by J. R. tual brilliance manifested in the startling
Lowell in his verse: mystery of genius.
"They believed -- faith, I'm puzzled -- I think Consider the genius in the fantasy "God".

I may call Here we see the ultimate in " intelligence quoTheir belief a believing in nothing at all (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 11)
MARCH, 1960 The A B E R R E E
Or something of that sort; I know they all
For a general union of total dissent!"
There is also that so-famous sculpture by
Rodin, "The Thinker" -- a perfect picture of Man
thru the ages, forging his own chains in believing captivity in the effort of thinking.
Francis Bacon also made a supporting contribution stimulating the maintenance of this benighting folly, with the observation that "A
little philosophy inclineth a man's mind to
atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth
men's minds about to religion': Indoctrination
and "education" applied to a generic line of
pigeons might prove a very interesting experiment, resulting in some excellent "Thinkers".
It would then occasion but little surprise to
observe a flight of such birds on their homing
journey from France to England, each equipped
complete with binoculars, compass, and map --
and legs well rung with St. Christopher's and
other protective charms. All equipment "pigeon
sized ", of course. Without such equipment,
they would not know which direction to traverse thru these " airy wastes':, Perhaps future
groups of scientific evangelists operating
from laboratories as gilded and ornate t empies, will launch crusades in the conversion
of our unfortunate pigeons to "show them the
light" in ecstasy, when these birds will find
how much more problematically thrilling and
dangerous a life journey can be when knowingness has been suppressed in favor of "good
thinking" and "intelligence", and where the
destructive war-headed rocket is added to the
normal elemental hazards.

It could be said with a fair degree of
truth that every major blunder in the social
history of Man originated with the advent in
succeeding generations of that most dangerous
anomaly in extreme mental ability and which we
have termed "genius". Of the ordinary run of
men, it has been observed that "Every man has
the failings of his virtues", and again the
observation of the Genius led to the statement
that "Genius is akin to madness': These statements are profound truths, and serve to further illustrate the fundamental essentials of
force and counterforce in all existence and
action. Newton's third law of motion states
that "To every force there is an equal and
opposing reaction". This statement is not
true, but it is true to state that "Every and
all force can only exist in the simultaneous
occurrence and presence of an equal and opposite counterforce': Our scientific authorities
have shown in the past, and continue to show