Volume 6, Issue 10, page 18

We know that bug -- it has bitten us , too , and we have one
wall covered with potsherds
from the Miss. Valley mound
builder Indians, plus a few
choice tidbits picked up out
west. I 'm not too sure what
kind of an aura these give off
-- we have some friends who
can't bear anything primitive,
especially from Africa, but I
rather think this may be something in their own past karma.
We, at any rate, feel very
close to Indians and to their
kind of Nature spirits, so
their work has only helped to
build a very peaceful auro in
our apartment which nearly
everyone remarks on.
"Interested to s e e M a x
Long's notes on Subud; we had
a little correspondence about
it some months ago. I do think
Subud is probably closer to Etherapy than any other method,
but still, it's different, for
all that. Lots of people have
burned lots of midnight oil
trying to figure out the similarities , but really , Subud
can't be pinned down. Like any
other functioning system , .it
has its own tone, its own destiny and quality; it is a totality like any individual.
Hence it has peculiarities and
effects unlike any others -- a
personality, as it were, of its
own. I think it is fascinating
to test the tones of the various systems -- and they are
certainly all valid within
their own limits. But I would
definitely say that Mr. Long
should investigate himself before drawing the conclusions
of 'suggestion' and 'spirit
guidance'. One of the peculiarities of S u b u d is that
while one does and must learn
to completely surrender to the
force, one is still at the
same time in complete command
of oneself and can stop at any
split second -- unlike any kind
of hypnotic influence of spirit possession. I have no doubt
that spirits or devas may be
helpful in many ways in the