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to questions and answers again.
If man, having all knowledge
in himself, why does he not
express it? Why did not man
express the knowledge of the
automobile 2000 years ago instead of riding around in chariots? Why have knowledge and
abilities of old been lost?
Why does a boy tire of his
toys? Why does the Great I .
that knows all , deal out ITS
knowledge so sparingly? Why do
we have grades in school ? Why
do we have a law of growth?
Why not let children play with
loaded pistols? Why do some
clutch a little knowledge and
fight off all the rest? Why is
a boy not a man?
"A German scientist spent
40 years trying to find a reason for existence; failing,
killed himself. Is the reason
for the first grade I N the
first grade? Or in the 12th
grade? Is there a reason for
existence in existence ? Or
must you become alive first
before you find out why you
were dead? Is so-called man
not a man? Must man create man
out of what he thinks is man?
Is the world still a mist,
and the so-called life of man
a vapor?
"Splendid auditorial and a
real spicy ABERREE." -- Wayne
Trubshaw, Marysville, Wash.
"At last a bit of long-negMARCH, 1960
lected business: The clarification of 'Escape This Life
Alive', the disturbing title I
hung on my radical book. T h e
large majority who have caught
on agree the title is realistic
and practicably demonstrable.
For those who have missed, I
shall try to shed light on the
imperative point.
"Since ignorant and superstitious mankind never knew of
their composition as mental or
spiritual beings, it was inevitable we humans would accept
our bodies as ourselves. Thereby our physical-material bodies were our most prized possessions, and about them we
conjured up a great mess of
material beliefs and gave them
the force of laws by 'As a man
tkinketh so is he'. But our
minds being the natural operators of our physical machinery,
we functioned normally until
our mistaken ideas about ourselves tossed monkey wrenches
into our works. Then, by material remedies for mentalstress - caused ailments, we
complicated and compounded our
ills even unto paralysis of
our motive power, our minds...
"If our minds are the spirit
that give our bodies the appearance of being alive, then
the feeding or doctoring of
the body to stimulate or improve the body condition has
reversed the cosmic process,
a mistake arin to misapplied
electric power. When by learning the substance and powers
of invisible and intangible
mind or spirit, we cast off
the physical concept of life,
we thereby escape from the
customary and universal sense
of life in this body, and into
the realization the body never
dies because it never lives.
The laboratory scientists have
proved mind, intelligence is
the life power. But medicine
refuses to accept the idea because Cadillacs are involved...
"Within the first commandment and 'It is the spirit that
quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing' are the chief
secrets and the genesis of
life on earth in our mind-body
construction. In that, I are
crazy like Columbus, Einstein,
Alexander Graham Bell , Marconi, et al. You escape this
life alive by changing your
mind from physical to mental
sense of life ." -- Nirais A.Cromwell, El Monte, Calif.
"One who has suffered won't
even ask if Scientology has
hypnology in it. He'll swap
his psychosomatic whatsit for
it unsight unseen.
"Here is a vote for Robert
Moore Williams's philosophy.
"Why pick some one thing
and drape alittle iron curtain
around it? One little mind of