Volume 6, Issue 10, page 9

comfort within the means afforded them thru
their congregations' financial abilities. A
minister who is properly trained gives good
religious guidance, personal assistance, and
direction, and is conscientious in teaching the
spirit of tolerance, understanding, and brotherhood to his flock. If not, church membership
drops off and out he go-s. He must continuously prove himself by his own abilities—to his
parishioners, not some ecclesiastic hierarchy.

Yet even in this field, there are attempts
to undermine these liberal religions thru
questionable mergers, with vague implied suggestions of more power, stronger organization, (2) HEATHENISH SUPERSTITION
more financial stability, and benefits for the HAT WAS the religion of Europe, Egypt, and
retirement of ministers, etc. Temptations such UI Asia Minor before the Roman Catholic
as the proverbial devil offered Jesus on the Church was founded by Constantine in 325
mountain top. Some churches will get sucked A.D.? Heathenish superstition, or paganin, some will not, but in the long run, the ism, we are told in the histories and
tempters behind such movements will succeed encyclopedias prepared for us by the
only in purifying the field of liberal reli- Church. From what literature did the Church
gion so that it will continue to grow with even Fathers compile their Bible? From the scrolls
greater rapidity than in the past. The liberal of these superstitious heathens.
religions will cater to the masses of the fu- Why was Chrysostom so happy when he boasted
ture because in the light of modern times, in the early part of the 5th Century that:
orthodoxy is doomed. As the new generations of "Every trace of the old philosophy and literamankind become accustomed to the miracles of ture of the ancient world has vanished from
scientific achievement, they are less impressed the face of the earth" (Bible Myths, Doane)?
by orthodoxy's hell and damnation. And who was this Chrysostom? Archbishop of
Where does this leave Christianity? Jesus? Constantinople, and "the greatest of the Greek
his teaching? Right where they always have Fathers of the Church .% born in 347 and died
been -- far in advance of anything else available. in 407 A.D.

Whether you call i t God, Theta-prime, First History states t h a t after the birth of
Cause , Supreme Architect, or What-have-you, Christianity and the compilation of the Bible,
there is a high level awareness to reaeh in the Church engaged in a systematic and ruthcontrast to the low awareness of solid MEST. less campaign of destruction of the "old philIn between is the area of Theta/MEST living. osophy and literature " of the "heathens ". The
Those who try to unite the liberal religions great Alexandrian Library, comprising 700,000
and propagate ministerial qualifications as volumes of the "superstitious heathens", was
being unnecessary to believe in God, are just "stormed and burned in 381 A.D. by a mob of
as bad as those who, thru educated word-sling- fanatic Christians, led by Archbishop Theophing, try to unmock the "majesty of man"' as ilus" (Encyclopedia Americana).
portrayed by Jesus. In both instances, the Why? To conceal the fact that the literature
natural religious instinct of man is beclouded
of the "heathens "did not tell the same story
by trying to invalidate the God concept of
higher reality, which is one side of the theta/MEST dichotomy, thereby confusing the awakening thetan so that he does not know that to
grow in wisdom and understanding, both sides
of t h e dichotomy must be studied -- towards
higher theta awareness and better MEST realities, to bridge into a better future for all .

Each school of thought has knowledge and it
is up to each individual to sense the school
of thought that best suits him. It matters not
whether it is Scientology, Theosophy, Rosicrucian religion, spiritualism, or academic
pursuits. Each person, if sincere, will find
his footsteps guided, not pushed, into the
areas he or she needs to experience.

In any case, Tree will is the key. Choose
that which will turn the key and enable you to
find the door to a better and happier future.
Tangible MEST means intangible theta, so look
both ways. If you wish to call theta GOD, do
so, but in doing so , meditate on this word so
as to have your own conception of what you are
seeking, so that you will know your "God essense" as you near it. Some have a God of fear,
Hell and damnation, love, indifference, peace,
or wisdom, but only fools think to succeed
without a God concept that is valid in fact.

Maybe the reason no one lives forever is
that those who think they have the "secret of
life" are too eager to sell it to others at a
great profit, Ieaving them with nothing but
money, and no body to spend it.
the biblical makers put in their Bible.

And why does the Church still get so excited when some of that ancient literature is
discovered? Because it fears the facts may
be found.

The facts have been found -- and they are
startling. They are related in books by many
able authors, and these books are burned by
"fanatic Christians", or else they are converted after reading the books, and become
atheists and communists.

Among other things, these facts show there
is no early history of the Hebrews as related
in the Bible. And their reputed ancestors --
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—are not historical
figures, but mythical heroes, analogous to
those of Homer and Hesiod.

Originally, these mythical heroes appeared
as gods associated with the local sanctuaries
in Palestine, and were taken over by the Hebrews when they settled in that land.

The Pentateuchal narratives, the long discourses between God and the mythical Moses
and many other events, are fabulous compilations of the crafty priesthood for a religious purpose, prepared centuries after the
Hebrews occupied Palestine, and are absolutel3
worthless as history.

Prof.Hilton Hotema, in his "Land of Light"
states that the Bible is basically a book compiled from ancient poetry, drama, and fables
and falsely presented by the Church as a recore
of Ancient History and of Revelation direct
from its God.
(Continued in the next issuer