Volume 6, Issue 10, page 20

3 billion; one little world of
3 billion; one little solar
system of 3 billion; one universe of the multiverse. This
one mind chooses a God, and
says he is the one and only,
He gives him a name, gender,
and emotions, but is merely
talking about himself, to himself, and believing himself,
the same as Einstein analyzing
his particle of matter until
it became energy -- same as he
was using to analyze it. Therefore the cycle was complete."
-- A. B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.
"I have been sitting on a
maybe for the last 3 months,
deciding whether or not to
continue subscribing to The
ABERREE. For old times' sake, I
would continue -- but I am finding less and less interest in
the issues as they arrive, as
you give more and more space to
articles like those of Louis,
Trubshaw, Kristy, and Cromwell
"Whilst I think people like
Thela Newcomer and Jacob Apsel
have a perfect right to express the views in which they
believe, I cannot accept the
rather dogmatic note which
creeps into some of their
statements. Inasmuch as you
have enabled some people to
take a good look at themselves,
you have done a good job these
last five years.
"I remain, myself, more and
more sure that each individual
is the source of his own problems and he alone can solve
them. If a person wishes to
lose a disability (with his
real self, not his surface conscious mind), it will go either directly or because he finds
a 'healer' who will make it go .
"The greatest interest for
most folk is their disabilities and other folksy disabilities. Just listen to people
talking. The one sure topic to
make friends and influence
people is to talk about how
ill, they are, how ill you are,
' As I said , I think you
have done a very good job of
taking the seriousness out of
movements for self-improvements and pointing out that
'It's your money they're after, Folk.' But if we fall for
these people fundamentally it
is because it's the game we
wanted to play. I know it is
possible to get so far down
that even your real self doesn't know what the game is, but
any time the dawn can come and
will come from an Iinexpected
direction and the sleeper
"So, for an enjoyable five
years , thank you, Alphia and
Agnes; but for now , it is au
revoir." -- Philip Hetherington,
Chorley, Lancs., England.

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