Volume 6, Issue 10, page 12

ness, things such as this make
property decrease in value. Do
you see such eruptions in the
near future ? -- R. C. C., Honolulu, Hawaii.

DEAR FRIEND -- As I see it,
the immediate near future looks
pretty good as far as the volcano situation is concerned,
but -- if my vision is correct --
comes the warm weather, I see
your islands being pretty well
shaken up by earthquakes followed by huge waves. Both will
take a toll in lives and property damage. Why don't you
move to.Arizona; then all you
would have to contend with
would be the heat and Louis?
DEAR LOUIS -- I just finished
reading "The Power of Prayer
on Plants", and it seems as
tho you had something to say
on such a few months back. Why
didn't you write this book? --
H.L., Fort Yorth, Texas.

DEAR H. L . -- Seems as tho I
did say something on the subject. Why didn't I write the
book? Guess I just didn't get
around to it. In connection
with the plant book, remember
plants are one step in the
evolution of a human. Remember
this the next time you weed
your garden...or, even step on
the grass.