Volume 6, Issue 10, page 10

By $arki
rtit''I'" 19
dilands in the Desert
"stories .% I thought that surely many "readings " or "studies" would be more or less copies of others' readings or studies. Not so,
any more than their fingerprints are the same.
And I've proved one thing to my satisfaction:
People are just plain marvelous, wonderful .
Also, there is no "elect" unless entities
"elect " to be or do something themselves. This
stands to reason since no earthly father would,
loyally, have his "pick" of his children (nor
would any mother) so why should we accuse our
Father-Mother-Creator of favoritism? 'Tain't
so, never, not at all.

A "patient "wrote me recently: "You are far
above me socially and intellectually". 'Tain't
so, not as between me and the patient, nor as
between anybody of any color, race, or religion, and anybody else of any color, race, or
religion. The Topside Joss Man doesn't pick or
play favorites. I've always resented the idea
that "Of course, this is truth that can't be
revealed to everybody ". I've felt that the
idea is phony. Now I'm sure of it. I don't say,
that the people who have the ideas are phony,
for they're all those children of the Father
whom He doesn't favor. They just get ideas
that don't stand up. Don't kick the drunk in
the gutter; he's working out his karma after
his fashion and you can know nothing about it.
Don't pity the idiot, the mongoloid, the imbecile. Every spirit is equal before birth because every spirit is the Father-Mother-Expression of Itself in the outward world- of
form, when incarnate. Spirits may refuse faulty vehicles, which is why there are stillborn
bodies. But strong spirits, knowing the forthED HANDS" came away from the Giant Cactus
Forest in May, 1959. Since that time, he
has so often been homesick for the Arizona
Desert. But so much legal work has had to
be done to make it possible for him to
work legally, much time has been consumed.
And much remains to be done. But while "Red
Hands" has been busy in Delaware, New York,
New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.
C., and other places far removed from Arizona,
there have been new experiences. One started
in Tucson, Ariz., when "Red Hands" did a taperecording which Zipporah Dobbyns sent to Yohanna Best, in Melbourne, Fla., as a result of
which Harold Eskins of Melbourne has several
times telephoned about all manner of things,
especially having to do with "readings" or
"studies", all taped, and has twice made the
trip to Paradise, Penn., to talk with the redhanded desert rat -- me.

What about these tape recordings? What are
they about? What do they tell? I do several
kinds. When I started them in Arizona, I
thought that, well, I'm a professional writer coming body to be an idiot, mongoloid, imbeof science fiction, after the manner of a mu- cile, still elect to use it, accepting a tertual friend of Alphia Hart and myself, L. Ron rible challenge u n d e r monstrous handicaps.
k twice and thrice at the next mentally deHubbard. Maybe the stories I tell are just Loo
ficient person you see, recalling an old saystories. I see pictures and tell what I see. ing " Ye may be entertaining angels unawares".

Or words come forth and I repeat them -- like a Not angels, of course, for angels never become
parrot. That's what I do when I write stories~~ men, nor men angels.
too. So, the "readings" and the "studies But back to readings, studies...
could be stories with no basisin fact. Had an interesting, intriguing experience
But they don't turn out like that. Last recently. Did a series of tape recordings
October I tell a man he will get work in Jan- about which I asked Zoe Nickerson, in " my uary, 1960, and his first paycheck will be eat- little world", as she calls the place to which,
ed January 15. So he gets a job in January
and his first paycheck is dated January 15. in sleep, she goes for information, to comment.
I'm happy I didn't tell him how much it would "We'll listen!' she said . So she"listened"
be, for even the" inner voice "should not push tho the tapes were not being played. And she

its luck too far. quoted from them, so I knew that in the awed
I tell people, just as it comes out, the stillness she was listening to them. Another
wildest things -- or so they seem to me, and oddity: My tapes were three-quarters of an
they work out. But when I do physical readings hour long; she "heard " them in about six minI always insist that they be checked by li- utes, each. Then she quoted from them at norcensed physicians in some category. These mal speed. What sort of tricks with time did
studies have worked pretty well, and not every- she perform here? And what depths of mental
body has been able to find doctors, osteopaths, wonder does she suggest -- for each and every
chiropractors, who will go along.* This is to one of us?
be expected. Edgar Cayce found it so; Zoe
Nickerson finds it so. I don't blame them. I
can't prove anything. It's a cinch I can't
prove that you were a co-priest with me in the
Temple of Ra, in Egypt, ages ago;_ that you
were an expediter with me in a Temple of Light
in Shallajai, even greater ages ago; that you
were my sister in Lemuria; that I was your
sister/mother/father in Hyperhorea. I can't
prove anything about anybody's past. But there
is this to nag at all of us: items that can be
proved stand up under test, in every-day happenings -- almost enough of them to satisfy science that there is something more somewhere,
maybe inside man.

I've discovered that no two people are anywhere nearly alike. When I started the taped
Mysticologist Louis, whose column appears monthly in The ABERREE, and who last
year 'visited with fans and followers in
England, this summer plans to tour part of
the United States., Since he is going via
automobile, he invites any group -- large or
small -- that wishes to have him as a guest.
to contact him (P. 0. Box 21, Morristown,
Arizona). He asks only one thing, he says,
and that is that the group be composed of
sincere seekers, since he makes no charge
for his work. He will spend May in California