Volume 11, Issue 4, page 13

If You Were Born Under a "Bad" Star
26.2 f(ZityJe,Z-adi
IME AND PLACE is the expression we use for
smaller concepts. But looking from a more
universal viewpoint, it should be Space
and Time. Space comes first because it has
to do with the fourth dimension, also called
the astral. Time is related with the fifth dimension, where the akashic records are found.

Our material cosmos or universe, including
our solar system with our earth, is three dimensional. This universe is expanding -- growing
in size. Dr. Albert Einstein came to that conclusion. Some years later, about 1920, this
was confirmed thru astronomical research findings that the stars are going away from each
other at tremendous speeds.

As we know, the earth is spinning as a top
toward what we have designated as east. That
is why we see the sun rising in the east. Also,
that is the reason for Europe being ahead of
us in time. We also know that it takes 24
hours in round figures for our earth to rotate
around its own center.

If we multiply 24 by 60 (each hour having
60 minutes), we then have 1,440 minutes in 24
hours. Now the circle has 360 degrees. And if
we divide 1440 by 360, the answer is 4. That
means that our earth moves one degree around
its center or "axis" every four minutes of
time. Let's see its importance.

Our earth is global or circular in form.
The circle is divided into 360 degrees. Since
about 300 years ago Greenwich, England (near
London) had been the official point thru which
a zero line was drawn from the geographic North
Pole to the South Pole, dividing our globe into east and west. Opposite to Greenwich is the
International Date Line, where the day begins
and also ends at midnight. And when it is midnight at the Date Line, it is high noon at the
very same time at Greenwich. Therefore the
Greenwich Line is also called the Meridian. The
Equator divides our globe into north and south.

As we've already estimated, it takes four
minutes for our earth to turn one degree around
its center. Therefore, it should take 60 minutes or one hour to move 15 degrees of space,
because 15 times 4 is 60. Also, 15 degrees
times 24 hours makes 360 degrees. As we know,
there are four time-zones in the U.S., called
Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time.
The center line location for these four zones
are found at 750, 90