Volume 11, Issue 4, page 19

ed beyond his abilities relative to his grade or state.
"The people who were interested in Dianetics, Scientology, and relative phases of
psychiatry should read 'God
Bless the Devil' by Luis J.
Rodrigues. Also, 'Thirty Years
Among the Dead' by Dr. Wickland. There are most potent
angles that must be understood
before barging headlong into a
jungle morass.
"Now, just to show how actual, provable truth will be
vigorously rejected. We live
(exist) on the inside of a
planet with holes thru to the
outside at the north and south
poles. There are small planets
inside this earth that people
live within called asteroids;
one of these came close to
England at one time and shut
off the sun for weeks. (See
'Books of Charles Fort'.) As
there are many forms of life
in these asteroids, physical,
organic bodies of course, there
are different kinds of UFO 's.
It has been revealed how to
make a Flying Saucer but we
the insane have a profit system
remember, and our ignorance
must be protected. You can go
outside this earth and visit
other planets if you know how.
Anyone who can think knows
that life is within a body even
tho there can be a form of life
on the outside also.
"At one time the earth had
no mountains or seas within
it. It was far larger and we
lived in forms 65 or so feet
high. We depolarized ourselves
thru directing energy outside
ourselves instead of within.
We committed suicide en masse.
The earth shrank, mountain
ranges appeared, and the Pacific
Ocean materialized as they polarized outward on, or in, a
chemical field because the
physical body formation field
was cut off by the many who
could not reincarnate. In other
words, the sea water represents
in a lower field the physical
bodies of the people that belong to this system and should
be in physical bodies but are
"Lemuria fell, as it were,
and the neat state entered into
where the bodies were 17 to 22
feet high. (Read 'The Third
Eye' by Rampa. ) We finally depolarized ourselves again by
building all kinds of machines
and instruments functioning on
inductionary actions, and Atlantis disappeared, we died en
masse again, and millions again
could not take bodies. The law
given to the Lemurians was, If
you do not cease your sins I
will take you out of Juda and
away down to Babylon. The law
as given to the Atlanteans, If
you do hot cease your iniquities I will take you away be
low Babylon. And down below
Babylon we went, and in Rome
we have been with our now sick
and weak 5- to 6-foot bodies
that we are trying so hard to
"You can, if you wish,
travel thru the astral cities
of Lemuria and Atlantis. They
are over the oceans and deserts
and these mountains also have
an astral life as many very
well know. In fact any dead
surface is represented by human life, or is a sort of hell
if you can understand.
"Yes, the billions that
should live here so that we
could become alive are not
here, but are in hell, and it
is really our business, if we
ever wake up, to get them out.
Yes we are stupid,.we that go
in and out, over and over again
and learn so little. (The very
thought of losing another body
and having to be born again and
go thru all this schooling and
adolescent blindness is most
"Four-fifths of the earth's
surface under water. Just think
of how much life expression has
been lost and how little remains. But there is something
said about going down to the
bottom of hell, and, this is
it. We had to go down in order
to come up. The mistakes had
to be made so we could see what
to correct. This explains the
big drive toward awareness.
The action now is SEE; "C";
Sea. See your record. This
shall surely be. If you have
some opposition to seeing, deny
what is said here as'strong as
you possibly can. This will
tie, or anchor you to this
truth and eventually force you
into a knowing state.
"Or, if you really want to
know -- not from someone else
but from yourself -- use hypnotism. Get a good intelligent
hypnotist. Write down questions you want answered regarding the true nature of
this planet. Prepare for this
session, have a tape recorder
ready. Understand what you are
doing and fully know that within you is the record and the
Real You knows everything.
Your Lord is that part of you
that will tell you what you
wish to know if you are conditioned to receive it... The
conscious you is stupid but the
superconscious you knows anything you wish to know." --
Wayne Trubshaw, Marysville,
"T HE BOOKS of the ancients
were hand-written scrolls
or clay tablets, the most civilized nations having the most
of them -- and the biggest armies. These armies swept over
the countries like forest fires
burning every scroll and breaking every clay tablet that they
could find when they were at
war. They failed to find the
Dead Sea scrolls, and to break
the clay tablets in small enough pieces so that they could
not be put together again.
"The Mohammedans burned
every book that was different
from The Koran, and the Christians did the same for their
book, extending the destruction to the New World.
"There were two main reasons for these destructions --
religion was a national affair,
so to believe another nation's
book was to be a traitor. 2. It
was very important to destroy
the scrolls of Egypt and the
clay tablets of Babylon for
they were the same as their
Bibles except the change of
nationality, and a more material or earthly viewpoint.
"People have two sets of
parents -- human and spiritual
or astral. Parent and child
are both children of planets
similarly aspected. So th e
planets were personified by the
ancients as their ancestors
(Sons of the Sun). Moderns became blind to this astral influence and eliminated it. They
called (the astral influence
of) the Sun -- Jesus Christ and
Saturn or Satan was called Jesus B'arabbas. They each have
a Mary as was the custom from
Sumeria on down. There were
thousands of name changes as
one nation conquered another.
" So'if Hitler had conquered
the world he would have used
this same method to make Germans God's Superior Race. This
was Himmler's job.
"The change back from men
to planets will be hard as the
change from a flat to a round
world. Believers never change,
so have to die off, for logic
holds them in their rut like
slippery mud. When knowing
causes loss of prestige and
profit, logic comes to t h e
rescue of belief. Any sane
person knows that people can't
stand on the under-side of a
round ball, and that a thing
as heavy as the earth needs a
solid foundation -- so people
sailed around a flat earth for
nearly 500 years. " -- Morris
Swenson, R1, Box 625, Camas,
,,THAT letter of the description of Jesus, in my opinion, was authentic. It takes no
knowledge of fact to cry fraud.

Plenty of other sources give
the same description. Here is
the most recent: A friend of
mine attended one of the meetings in Riverside that featured
Michael X as speaker. He talked
of prophecy and coming world
events, and Mr. W. taped it on
his recorder. He was kind en0