Volume 11, Issue 4, page 5

can come the recognition that one is already but somehow a very pregnant one.
the light itself. It is also said that no action which can be
Let this imaginary conversation illustrate taken in the relative consciousness can in itwhat may be meant: self produce awakening to the Higher Conscious"Who are you?" ness. This seems a counsel of hopelessness
"I an darkness." until one assumes the attitude of the Higher
"What are you doing?" Consciousness. Then one can see that realiza"I an looking for the light." tion of the real state cannot be produced, it
" As long as you are looking for the light, already exists. The ocean cannot be produced,
you continue to be darkness." it is already there; but a lump of ice floating
"How so?" in it can melt, or a fish caught in the ice
"Because looking-for-the-light implies not may escape to open water and look back on its
having the light. And if you are not-having- prison, realizing it to be a minor, unpleasant
the-light, you are darkness." part of the ocean, made of water but separated
"But if I stop looking for the ltight,I will from the water by its own coldness, or inabilnot get the light; I will still be darkness." ity-to-be-fluid.
"Then change your viewpoint. Try being Only the dream-state can be ended, having
Light-looking-for-the-cessation-of-darkness." had a beginning; the Real is now being realized
"If I an light, why should I care about the by the Real, as it always has been and always
cessation of darkness. It no longer bothers me." will be. One may agree with this, and endorse
"Quite so. But it continues to bother the it, and call it a wise saying; but one must be
darkness. " the Real Self to realize it, and to see that
the old darkened dream consciousness has been
One awakens, then, by ceasing to validate the obscuring piece of relative unreality -- the
the unawakened state; one ceases to validate ice in the ocean.
the unawakened state by ceasing to imply by And perhaps one cannot be the Real Self
thought, word, and deed that one is unawakened; without first assuming the viewpoint of the
and one ceases to consider that one is unawak- Real Self, even if one can now do it only in
ened by being awake. This is another tautology, imagination. Is it worth a try?
right hand holds a scepter, surmounted by a
circle, and his right leg bent, rests on the
other, forming a cross. The cubic stone, image
of the perfect solid, signifies that creative
action has reached its goal.

Card No. 2 of the Tarot, titled The High
Priestess, presents Isis seated between two
pillars, one white and one black, signifying
the positive and negative phases of Creation.
On her breast is the Solar Cross, mentioned
above. A veil behind her, extending between
the two pillars, hides the mystery of creation,
consisting of four symbols representing fire,
air, water, and earth, and the veil is not to
be rudely lifted by the profane nor desecrated
by the impious.

Locke, Hume, Berkeley, Rousseau, et al,
fought so long over the qualities of mind and
matter that a wit said, "No matter, never mind".

Books on these subjects are a babel of e
tongues without knowledge, and the conclusions a
of the authors are persuasive fallacies but not
solid facts -- the work of good guessing but of ,
poor reasoning.
formed by blending the dual triangles, sym- Science has discovered some of the amazing
bolizing the six periods of creation, men- power of the mighty atom, the magnitude of ;
tioned as six days in the Bible, which shocks a dismal world, just emerging
When the zodiac circle encloses the inter- from a millenium of mental darkness. But scilaced triangles, it forms within itself what ence has not discovered that cosmic consciousthe Masters called the Solar Cross of Life, ness germinates in the atomical, primates in
the four points of which represent a deep mys- the vegetal, and supranates in the savantal,
tery. Exposed to daylight, that mystery is the whose brain cells have not been dormantized by
Sacred Four Elements of Creation, the Lost the molding process called education, designed
Word of Four Letters (J H V H1, symbolized by to fix the mind to fit the rut prepared by
the Sphinx, and revealed to the initiate as sordid systems that rule civilization and make w
fire, air, water, and earth. the masses believe their condition is bettered. W
To learn that secret, one had to be ini- Let us observe the cosmic intelligence of p4
tiated in the ancient mysteries and solemnly the infinite atom: If plants are watered in a
swear, under penalty of immediate death, never dry weather, their roots turn up toward the
to reveal the fact-that the mystery, hidden by surface of the soil for the water, but go W
the veil of Isis, was invented chiefly to ex- deeper down for moisture if not irrigated. PQ
cite curiosity. Even now Freemasons are look- If some red blood cells of man's body, im- CC
ing for that Lost Ward, mentioned in the open- Felled by gravity, flow from a drop of blood
ing passage of the John Gospel, in liquid plasma, forming a tiny stream, banks w
In the ancient arcana, four indicated the are soon built up and cover themselves with ,jl
terrestrial plane, and was considered the per- filaments of fibrin, forming a tube thru which
fect mundane number. For it contains, accord- the cells glide as in a blood vessel.
ing to occult mathematics, the potency of 10, These automatic actions of the atom are
which represents the complete creative cycle. creative processes, ruled by cosmic consciousCard No. 4 of the Ancient Tarot is titled ness, manifested by the atom, and show it posThe Emperor, who sits on a cubic stone. His (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 8)
HE BIBLE mentions two triangles, the celestial and terrestrial, calling them bodies
(1 Co r. 15:401. They were symbolized by
the Masters as blazing and black stars,
the former being the Star of the East and the
Great Seal of Solomon. That seal was ancient
before the world ever heard of King Solomon.

In another form, creation is represented by
the zodiac circle, the wheel of life, the symbol of eternity, the six divisions thereof,