Volume 11, Issue 4, page 7

try to reorient the individual to an entirely
new religio-philosophic concept. Research St

Faith healing in England, and our own Deep
South, is more readily performed because of ,
the homogeneity of religio-philosophic thought, Av d S `Giants'
which enables the faith healer to effect a oi s
union with the patient quickly and without much

friction. The manifest emotions are subtle By Dr. GEORGE R. CLEMENTS
hints of the unconscious mind, and in a homo- N 1934, The AMERICAN WEEKLY carried an acgenous social unit it is much easier to summon count headed "These Americans Are 7 Feet
up the desired emotion, or combination thereof, Tall and Live to 125". We quote: "Did you
which the healer knows will produce the de- know there is a separate and distinct race
sired psychology to accelerate the beneficent of people living in the United States whose
energies in the hidden mind. The more skilled men stand seven feet in height, whose women
faith healers are above the level of intuitive sometimes weigh as much as 600 and 700 pounds,
healing, and have formulas for their work. and who not infrequently live to be 125 years
They believe that certain stimulated emotions, old? Well, if you did, you're one person in a
or combinations thereof, release psychological thousand.
energies which in turn activate bodily func- "These amazing Americans are the Malungeons,
tioning, chiefly thru glandular action. Ob- and they live high up on the mountain ridges
viously a familiarity with the human emotional of the Cumberlands, in eastern Tennessee, and
nature and the symbols by which it may be they've occupied these ridges for several hunstimulated or depressed, is a requisite for dred years.
advanced healing, and especially in faith heal- . "Their main settlement is on Newman's Ridge,
ing among peoples of a divergent religio-phil- backbone of the Cumberland chain, and it conosophical view and background. An awareness of stitutes about one-third of a county. It is
the dormant emotions of which man is capable triangular in shape, with a small village at
but which are not given expression in our own each angle. There are hundreds of these strange
social system is also necessary. In the Deep people living in that triangle and they're all
South, where virtually everyone respects cer- of the same race.
tain religious and philosophical totems, and "No one knows where they came from. Some
where the taboos are uniform, a faith healer think they are descendants of Portuguese pican work intuitively, entirely without knowl- rates who were shipwrecked years ago on the
edge of what he is doing, and have a remarkable North Carolina coast. They have flowing black,
success. However, as one gets into the more straight hair, and copper-colored skin, but
complex multi-religio society, the problem of they're not Indians.
subconscious penetration and stimulation be- "They intermarry and have never accepted an
comes more difficult, and requires some further outsider into their select group. They do not
understanding. attempt to own property or to work for money;
It is important to note that most faith eat mostly the game they love to hunt, and a
healers view religion and philosophy from a few vegetables they raise. Many of the women
pragmatic, utilitarian ooint of view. Evangel- have borne as many as 25 children."
ical activities are used only to reaffirm the If scientists were searching in good faith
faith of the patient in what he already ac- for ways and means to promote health and procepts consciously, unconsciously, or both. The long life, why do they not make an investigafaith healer is not a philosopher nor a com- tion of this isolated group? Because it would
pounder of religious systems. Rather, he is a result in no money-making schemes. An investpractical, working psychologist u s i n g the igation would be made quickly by the A.M.A. if
available tools to enable him to function ben- it would provide a market for vaccines and
eficially with those whom he hopes to heal. serums.

Much of the success of what is called "Mod- And think what it would do to the economic 1
ern Medicine " is essentially faith healing. The system of this country if millions of people
propaganda issued by the publicity media for should suddenly begin to live as these strange
the medical profession is calculated to stimu- people do.
late in the public a confidence of the whole
of modern medicine, so when the patient arrives D r KARL K R I D L E R (CONTINUED 0
at the doctor's office he has confidence in FROM PAGE 6)
the system. This is one-half of the way to a sesses the qualifications to choose its own
cure in most ailments. We are told that miracle path, to reject and select, and has the properdrugs can do miracles, so we are subconscious- ties of sensation and volition.
ly prepared to be a party to one such our- Science shows the body cells are bipolar,
selves. This aspect of human betterment, like have a nucleus of cosmic electricity, and are
so much of the rest of it, is primarily a pub- subject to magnetic force. Their polar properlic relations job, and is necessary. An old- ties are very marked. Cells unite and separate
fashioned public relations job, used by doc- like electrified bodies. That is what they are.
tors in the past, was to plant an "incurable" They also express the qualities of sensation W
patient in the town where the doctor was to and volition.
practice, and then to "heal" the "incurable" These innate qualities of cells are reveal- 04
stooge quickly and completely. The resultant ed by creative action, which results from P4
word-of-mouth advertising not only brought astral light acting on the poles of the cells, pal
business to the doctor, but also elicited the producing the qualities of vitality, conscious- pq
big half of any cure -- confidence in the remedy. ness, mind and intelligence, called Life. This
If we accept the obvious fact that the hu- is the mystery of Life and sholvs how and where
man body and brain has an"automatic mechanic" it originates.
which can actually discover and heal flaws in Life is a product, not a principle. Some
the body, we may next 'venture to suggest that phases of the Life qualities appear in every -
this mysterious functioning might be acceler- creative action, and all phases appear simulated, and the discovery and correction of the taneously at the summit of the creative cycle.
flaw performed much more efficiently, Thus, Without these Life qualities of the mighty
"faith healing" becomes a problem in psycho- atom, there would be no created forms, no
logy. It also becomes real, and is no longer a Life, no universe, and no God.
complex magic act. (Concluded in the next issuer 8